Here at FSG Travels, we want to change the way bloggers, vloggers, and other creators are seen in the eyes of the world.

We are starting with a very open policy, to help guide others. We want to help show what you can achieve, how much money you can earn and How stats can turn into cash. ( I really hope we can keep this open with everyone)

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Image problems in the industry

There are massive image problems for people trying to make money online. The term “Influencer” has become a term that has been looked down upon.

This is down to two main reasons.

  1. Jealously of others that think going viral is easy. Creating online isn’t a “real job”
  2. People selling out to things that they don’t believe in.

I’m not saying FSG Travels will make the best decisions when it comes to money and how it goes around promoting itself. Personally (Funny Backpacker talking) I have done things now what seems stupid. It’s a learning curve that we all need to learn by. Having it here will hopefully help us all learn from mistakes and victories.


As you probably know already, Here at FSG Travels we care little about SEO, Algorithms and any other marketing experts advise. We are about making a community.

Saying this, Google and social media still play a massive role in the views of the site. This is down to great quality content, not the right titles or colors or whatever the SEO flavor of the week is.

We have been requested to put the biggest viewed on articles on this list but we are unable to this due to the fact people “Copywriting” these articles for SEO and we refuse to help. Instead, we will be stating the people with the best articles (Giving them the recognition they deserve).

October 2019 (Please note site was under construction during this time)


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Income for a page like this is very hard to come about. We are currently not looking to sell out on this page. We currently don’t let anyone use affiliate links. No Advertising, No sponsors, Nothing.

Are we looking to make money here?

Currently no, As it’s just me (The Funny Backpacker) running this site, there aren’t any wages to pay. I currently cover all site fees personally.

If someone offered me a lot of money… I mean a lot. I might be tempted as we are all human. But I have some massive ideas for shaping the travel community and having companies and people trying to control this movement would be devastating for the growth of FSG Travels.