Sprinkles Gelato Brighton

Sprinkles Gelato Brighton – Sweet Or Sour Review

Sprinkles Gelato Brighton

Do you have a sweet tooth or like shiny objects? Well, I have the place for you! This is a big ice cream shop with added glitter. It’s time for another FSG Travels no-nonsense review. You might not agree with me but this is what I’ve got to say about the Sprinkles Gelato in Brighton.

Just a heads up, I was not paid to write about them!

Sprinkles Gelato

What to expect from Sprinkles Gelato

As I said in the name its a place for Sprinkles Gelato its shiny ice-cream! They have a mix of different ice-cream; Mint chocolate, Caramel, White chocolate …etc as well as just having gelato they have a list of other sweet desserts available. Sundaes, Waffles, Shakes, and Crepes.

My Thoughts about the place

As I walked in the door, The 1st thoughts I had was how big the place was for “Just an Icecream shop”. It was more like a Pub size than an Ice van.

The place was very well decorated and had a really good vibe. It really made you feel welcome and relaxed.

Sprinkles Gelato

Comfy and clean chairs

The number of different Ice creams

Sprinkles have a range of different Ice Creams, Which is always good. But recently getting off the plane from Australia with there amazing ice cream it wasn’t much of a shock of how many different ice creams there are. Taylor’s Thoughts On Ice Cream in Australia (Gelato)

Sprinkles Gelato

A few of the many Ice cream

Customer Service

Not much to say about the customer service, Nothing special. But that’s not a bad thing. Just took the order and delivered the drinks promptly.

Trying the Food

After having a cheeky 99 on the seafront we didn’t really fancy gelato. But I got a scoop of vanilla Gelato in a hot chocolate with cream (for blogging purpose). This was on the menu, but I would not recommend buying this as it made the hot chocolate lukewarm and very sweet (I love sweet things normally).

All of the items separately had a really sweet taste and you could tell it was all good quality ingredients. This included my hot chocolate covered vanilla ice cream.

Sprinkles Gelato

Overall thoughts

Would I go back? Would I recommend this place to friends? Yes and yes. I would love to try more of there icecreams and maybe give the hot chocolate a try without the ice cream. I would give Sprinkles Gelato a 3.5 out of 5.

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Don’t forget to smash it.

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