How to Deal With Spam Comments

Spam Comments On Instagram – How I Deal With Them

Why do people leave spam comments on Instagram?!

There is no doubt leaving comments on other Instagram account helps build followers but really tell others to check out your page or leaving vague/pointless comments really grinds my gears. So much so if you leave one of these spam comments on my Instagram be ready to look stupid!

(Edit- While writing this blog I just received a shitty spammy comment!)

I Thought some of my comments were a little harsh so let’s shout out these poor Instagram accounts #ripspammers

If you are thinking about writing a comment on one of my posts… I totally support it, BUT

Here is a list of a couple of bad comments that you should never say on a post, With so of my witty responses;


Spam Account:  Love this shot! It would be awesome if you could check out my profile and if you like it hit me with a follow

ME :I would be awesome …. unfortunately for you it anit going to happen … spam off



Spammer: Awesome Instagram you look like someone id like to connect reach out through DM

Me: Not sure you know how Instagram works! couple of things here… your not really sliding in to my DMs your more making a fucking mess of my comment sections


Spammer: Ho are things? “Leaders concentrate single-mindedly on one thing- most important thing, and they stay at it until it’s complete” Have you been published in a magazine before? Model Citizen Magazine publishes fashion talents, brands and creatives globally. Are submitting? have a great day and thank you!

Me:look at my work…does it scream fashion talents… Not sure 2019 is going to be the year of male bikinis and dadbods. but if it is, im happy to be the face of it


Spammer: This is it!

Me : It? The new season look? The reason why the world is so amazing? The reason why green is called green? The meaning of life? The last sign, that the end is now? What Is it, I need to know


Spammer: conductor me clothin crowd!! Attention our bio AS soon as Possible

Me: me no care, please attention my man boobs … much thank


Spammer: WOW

Me: What’s your thoughts on my hair style?

Funny travel meme

this is the photo the comment was made on



Spammer: Well Done!#

Me: Thank you I worked really hard on the achievement! Its not every day you win world’s best looking


Spammer: we love yoga and matcha 🙂

Me: I love fast food and non- diary ice cream… my turn I love travel and making great replies to spammy comments



Spammer: I just started doing comedy and I wanted you to check my page out and tell me what you think…thanks

Me: Hey I know, I’m like an expert and all but umm yeah… Get lost!


Spammer: Hi fsgtravels, wonderful post,just loved,if you are instrested take a look at my pictures, you will love!! bye friend

Me: Not interested

Thanks for reading

I am going to try and keep this post updated and so stay tuned check out my  Instagram page <— me spamming you!

I’m pretty sure its the funniest travel page about!

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