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*Sean Brett thinks so

As you scroll down the list you might be thinking to yourself: “How many social networks are they on?! How can I keep up with FSG travels when there is so much new and awesome content…”

Only true fans follow us on all networks!

But don’t worry if you don’t have much time because you go out and see the world. I totally understand, I would rather that.

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“The best YouTuber of 2018”

“I can watch the video’s for hours, they always have me on the floor crying with laughter” Sean Brett

FSG Travels YouTube page contains; Backpacking Parodies, Travel Tips and Great places to visit and see.

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“5 stars a work of art”

“If i had 3 words to describe the Instagram, they would be perfection, beauty and power.” Someone I paid

You will find pictures of places and Parodies.

Travel parody Meme

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“Very good (thumb emoji)”

“I love all your content, how about checking out my page it all about drain covers which is really interesting” Spammer

I share with funny backpacker tips and other travel quotes

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“You do me a knowledge”

“I’m a big dogo, but when I read Facebook, You give much knowledge making me bigger Dogo” Nico

Gives you the highlights of all our social medias, feed you updated.

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“It’s Good”

“What do you want me to say for the internet, I love Sean’s Pay Ron. Who’s Ron” Sean’s Nan

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“Don’t bother me”

“No one will see your shitty blogs” Winnie (someone we met on our travels)

If you would like to help me prove her wrong check out some of stunning blogs. We talk about our travels, give advice on what to get and our Thoughts of on travel related matters.

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