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How To Set Social Media Goals And Setting Goals For Life

Let’s talk about goals ba-by, just you and me!

What is a Goal?

Before I talk to you how to set social media goals. Let me explain what a goal is too me.

Goal: Something that you will sacrifice other things for in order to achieve.  

That doesn’t sound to fun, does it? Maths makes it sound better.

Goals > The Sacrifice

It’s funny because whenever you try and explain to someone what a goal is, it makes it sound like the process of getting the goal is shit!

But as a traveler, you will already know ‘It’s about the journey, not the destination’

So why do we spend time setting goals if it’s about the journey?

This is the same as saying…. why to have a destination when we can close our eyes and travel. This situation would have you going round in circles and the journey would get boring very quickly or you would give up on this journey as it was no longer fun.

What is the difference between a target and a goal?

simply a target is an outcome which you set time and something to achieve, the best way of looking at these are miniature goals. The next step on the ladder to your goal.

For example of a target is 1000 subscribers on YouTube by 31st of October

This target is going to change your life but it has got one step closer to your goal of being a full-time social media freelancer.

How to find your goals

End Goal

On this day in 10 years time, you are going to die. Where do you want to be and what do you want to achieve.

Where are you? In your own home? on an island? still traveling the world?

Who is with you? Do you have a family, do you have a pack of dogs? The cast of the playboy mansion?

What will you be remembered for? World’s biggest gang-bang? Massive explorer? Living each day to the extreme?

Were you happy? This need to be Yes

This can be as extreme as you like, More extreme more sacrifice.

Really picture this! This is what I like to call your end goal. To get here all your other goals need to lead to this moment.

My End goal

I will give you my end goal.

  • House in Wales
  • Nearly 10 acres of fields
  • pack of dogs
  • With Taylor Mackee
  • Traveling to wherever in the world whenever I like
  • I will be remembered for inspiring other to travel the world and finding their goals!
  • Dam right I’m Happy!

If you look above you will notice no mention of money or earning or anything like that. This is because having your end goal… You Have no need for earning money or time!

Please note: You don’t want to keep changing your end goal and you will lose focus. Adapt it as much as you like. Sometimes major situations occur which will change your end goal like death, breakups and completing your goal If any of these happen make a new end goal!

Using your end goals to set other goals and motivate you

I’m going to use my end goals as the example for this blog, so you can see it in action.

There are 3 main questions you need to ask yourself before setting any more goals.

Am I willing to give up everything I have now for that goal? (‘I’d even cut my hair and change my name’ Rockstar Nickleback) (Yes I did just quote Nickleback… get over it)

What do I Need?- Money? Power?  Respect? (calm down Scarface)

When Do I Want it? (I know you want it now or as soon as possible but you really need to think about the 5-10-25 years depending on your age and how much your willing to do for it)

Am I willing to give up everything I have now for that goal? If the Answer isn’t yes… Then sorry your goal isn’t good enough, Adapt your goal add the thing that’s stopping you to the goal.

Let me answer this question: Yes, have you not seen my Instagram, I am willing to give all my dignity for my goal. Check out this blog if you don’t believe me. 

What do I Need? 2.6 million English pounds (It’s enough for house, food, travel and everything for the rest of my life) A strong team to help with stuff, A platform to inspire others, Taylor to marry me and the purchase of the house and dogs

When Do I Want it? Before I’m 30 years old. just over 4 years

You want others to read your goals and be like how is that possible?

My smaller goals are:

  • £2.6 million
  • A strong team
  • A platform to inspire others
  • Marry Taylor
  • purchase of the house and dog

in 4 years

Breaking down the goals until they’re just targets

So you now have an end goal and smaller goals(which still seem impossible). Let’s break these down to manageable amounts and combine them to save time.

Let start with the money goal. 2.6million That’s 650,000 a year… Well my job as a dental technician wouldn’t have achieved that.

It’s funny but the hardest thing that is stopping your dream right now is your Job.

Takes up your time, makes your tired… But worse of all it gives you hope that by the time you retire you will be living the dream.

Let’s look at the options that will help me achieve this, Actor, Sports star Astronaut, selling organs on the black market… Well as this blog is about how Social media goals, you know what I’m going to talk about.

To sell your organs on the black market you have to …only joking (I’m so funny)

So your probably thinking is it even possible to make 2.6 million via social media… That’s where I say check out Social Blade

This site will show you the rough earning of YouTube Accounts, I would do this for bloggers and other social media accounts but I am bothered and I have proven my point that it can be done!

So now you have motivation for your social media account which leads directly to your end goal! What’s better about this is the fact we can combine others this like building a strong team and platform to inspire.

Let’s continue to break down these 3 goals because the others listed (marry Taylor, purchase dog and house are manageable with money and loooooove)


social media accounts that inspire ->£2.6 million & Strong team & Platform to inspire -> House in Wales & Travel whenever & Inspired people

Finding your targets

All you need to do is build your social media accounts and build connections with people. This now a manageable task, Its now about learning and setting the goals like before … 1000 subscribers on YouTube by the 31st October keeping in mind the next goals and remembering the snowball effect, Things start building slowly and get faster and faster.

You can break your targets down to as small as possible like, I want to master my niche. The best way of building connections is by having a niche, You can find Information on that here.

(plug myself)

Just keep an idea of where you are going and to make sure you are still going the right way for your next goal and use the targets to steer and motivated you.

Good with all your goal finding and smashing! I am always looking at helping other bloggers so make sure you check out the blogger about collaborating with me 

Thanks for reading

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