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Shout Out To My Travel Social Media Accounts! #Bigheaded

The Best Ever Travel Social media Accounts!

As you can tell by a title like that, I am going to be extremely vain. I love my social media accounts and myself. Everyone should! (love yourself and love me).

Let’s get back on track with this blog. So I’m going to give you links to all my travel social media accounts and all the blog I have written about them. (Yes this blog isn’t the 1st blog I wrote about my amazing successful travel social media accounts and it wouldn’t be the last).


This account is my home hub for social media, I love to share all of my Instagram, blogs, YouTube and anything else awesome that happens… So click like and then click see 1st.


The home to all of my extremely funny travel parodies (not award winning yet… but I have to put this in brackets to remind to add it when it starts to win awards, which it will). Make sure check them out! (follow too)

If write travel blogs and looking for content, do a review on my Instagram(or any other social media account). just remember to give me credit. (just link my website and my Instagram somewhere in that blog  Send me a link via email [email protected] and I’ll happily share in on this blog (even if a bad review)

Funny Travel Meme Parody Rock posing

Here are a few blogs I wrote about our Instagram

My top 10 best travel memes!

10 top travel memes

I explain how hard it is to do daily travel parodies for Instagram

what goes into travel parodies


Click this link or search for FSG Travels 

If you thought my Instagram was weird, wait until you see me in the video! One of the weirdest travel video’s is the one where I brought my Instagram to life, I will share this below. But If you want more check out my channel… And Sub for more amazing travel videos!

Here is List of blogs about some of my videos

I make a parody of a news report of the parody video of Instagram on YouTube … you get me?

Half Naked Backpacker Report

Vegan Travel Challenge

My thoughts on vegan and travel

The Vegan Challenge

There is a clear winner!

English vs Australian Chocolate


I use this account to moan about travel-related things, make stupid comments and promote myself.

I have built up a bit of a following on twitter but not sure how many are bots! If you follow me on twitter and you are reading this reach out too me with this code 101010101010001 and you will win a prize

Spam comment

I like sharing my Instagram spam on twitter

Patreon Page

This a page where you get to see more of me for a fee… Not going to lie, I love money! The more money I have , the more I spend on content and improving my skills ‘I want to be the very best… like no one ever was’ Help me live my dream of catching all 151 Pokemon and travelling the world writing awesome, funny travel blogs.

This the sort of things you can expect from my Patreon Page

Patreon of the month


Stuff such as Patreon of the month, Seeing some of my unedited content or things before other people, getting a postcard or shout out… to be fair a do a lot of things for money so check it out.

Here is a blog on our Pateron page

Support A Fellow Traveller – How I Can Help You Out By You Helping Me

A blog on how supporting me can help you to travel harder and longer!

Help me, help you travel more

Other blogs summarising my awesome travel social media accounts and other amazing achievements I have done… Did I tell you how awesome I am?

So I have ever done a blog on how awesome my blogs are, Best Travel Blog of All Time

Share this in a blog about how awesome my social medias are talking about my awesome travel blog, sharing a blog about my awesome travels blogs … Inception of the Awesome Travel blogs (smart, Beautiful and Funny)

Also wrote a whole blog on Why should you collaborate with me but after reading this amazing blog you now know how awesome I am and why you should work with me!

collaborate with me travel blogger

Thanks for reading!

Loved this blog? Or didn’t? Sick of reading how good I am? Check out Taylor’s thoughts on writing travel blogs once a week here you will find a list of blogs mostly ripping into me, all written by the Sassy Backpacker.

If you want your picture to feature on one of our blogs or our Instagram page, make sure to tag #funnybackpacker

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