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The Best Up And Coming Small Travel Vloggers

Small Travel Vloggers

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It is very hard to be a  blogger and or small Travel Vloggers the struggles are real! Managing time with travel and costs seems to be impossible to the fact the vlogs bring in little to no money! No one seems to be supporting you, But really how many small vloggers or bloggers do you help? It starts with you!

So I decided to show off the best current small travel vloggers that are trying to make it on YouTube!

What I was asked the Travel Vlogging community of the Small YouTube Community

To describe their video in around 30 words and link their video!

Here are the results for you too see;

Jack Wardale

“I recently went to Disney with my family so I did a series of videos about my trip there. I also went to LA over the summer and vlogged my experiences there so if either of those interest you let me know! Included is the last of my family vacation vlogs!”


“I’m not a dedicated “travel vlogger” but… A little while back I did a video with TSA Cares on traveling as a person with a disability with tips and things to make the process easier. “

King Tolentino

“This is a little preview of .. I made this video as an entry to a travel video contest… didn’t win…haha”

Travels With Peldyn

“I just started a travel Vlog channel. This is my very first video posted on it about Malmo Sweden and their dogs”

Shivana Codling

“Here’s my Hawaii travel Diary from the summer”

FSG Travels

Might As well slip in my video to this playlist!

Naick & Kim

“During our visit to Singapore, which is foodie heaven, we had a meal at the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world. One of the hawkers got awarded a michelin star and is charging just 3-4 usd for a meal!”

Toby Creation

“This is Toby & here’s a vlog from My Cross America Trip by Train. This is Day 4 in Denver, CO and I spent some time exploring the city 


“I went to Portland and blogged the trip. I’m not an outdoorsy person, but I learned to appreciate nature while I was there!”

Edgar Obare

“The road to Defqon1 with SzG Events”

Family on Standby

“Ever wonder what the standby list means when you’re waiting for your flight? Or why people are boarding five minutes before departure? This is what it’s like to fly standby!”

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      No problems, thank you for being part of it! The struggle is real

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