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Taylor’s thoughts on Skyelets Royal Jewels Body Piercing

My experience at Skyelets Royal Jewels Body Piercing!

So this is a blog about my experience at Skyelets Royal Jewels Body Piercing!

Why I decided to get piercings:

In August 2017 whilst Sean and I are were staying in Cringila I wanted to get a new piercing. I did my research on piercing studios in the area and found a place in Wollongong. I popped in to the store, got my helix pierced, and thought nothing more of it!

Why I should have done even more research :

I went back to the studio to get my daith pierced and the experience could not have been worse. The guys in the studio were friendly enough but the actually piercing process was really painful- especially when they put the jewellery in. I just assumed this was normal as the cartilage in that area is quite thick and went on my way.

What happened next?:

So following that my daith piercing healed really well. I had no problems with that at all. However, my helix always seemed red and swollen! I went into the piercing shop to ask them if it looked healed enough to be changed into a ring and they said yes. When they changed the jewellery it was even more painful than getting the actual piercing done and I was sure things weren’t right! However, I was reassured that it was all normal for helix piercings and not to worry. I found it less sore with a ring in but it was still quite tender to the touch.

Removing the piercings:

In March 2018 Sean and I got work at another fruit farm. They told us that they had no metal detectors and that the produce went straight to their clients, so all piercings had to be removed for work. I was very unhappy about this, but at the time Sean and I thought this job was our only option! So, we found a place in Joondalup mall that could take them out.
Having them remove my daith was absolutely fine…however having my helix ring removed was so bad that the lady asked me to sit on my hands in case I hit her! After about a week I was sick of my helix site still being swollen, sore and red so I investigated…one small squueze and a sh*t load of pus came out of the piercing hole! Once that was all gone, it healed up really well save for a permanent lump in the cartilage and didn’t cause any more bother.

Seeking Skyelet!:

Once Sean and I got wise to what a rubbish job we were in, we quit and moved to Perth. Knowing that I would soon be leaving the farm I started looking around for somewhere that may be able to give me my piercings back! I found Skye via Facebook and after a long chat I realised I had made a mistake going to the piercing shop in Wollongong. I felt confident that I had found someone who could help me! 

Getting my piercings back:

After my initial contact with Skye in April I finally got back in touch and booked an appointment for July! The studio is at her home which has a great vibe to it as soon as you walk in. She had music playing and I instantly felt at ease. The actual room in which she does the piercings is also extremely clean and sterile. Everything looked so professional! She had a quick look at my ears and informed me that both my piercings had been done in the wrong places! It explained why my daith was so painful to have done and why my helix never healed. I was also given completely incorrect aftercare advice.

The piercing process:

My experience was so much better this time around. I was really nervous due to how painful my piercings were the first time but I needn’t have worried. Skye just gets you to lay in a good position for the piercing, covers the area, cleans it and by the time you’ve taken a deep breath and let it go, you have your piercing! After the initial pinch you can barely feel anything. It was such a relief!
Skyelets Royal Jewels Body Piercing Studio

Skyelets Royal Jewels Body Piercing Studio

Skyelets Royal Jewels Body Piercing Wall

Skyelets Royal Jewels Body Piercing Wall

After you have your piercings:

Since having my piercing Skye has been awesome. She really wants your piercings to heal and is always on the end of the phone to help. I was also given the right aftercare to follow and so far my piercings haven’t been any trouble at all!
I am definitely going back for more and I will post some pictures of those piercings too once I have them!

Thank you for reading!

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