Semar Kuning Art Gallery Bali

Semar Kuning Art Gallery Bali- Is it worth Seeing?

Semar Kuning Art Gallery Bali

The Art Gallery itself is a work of art. But the question is: “Semar Kuning Art really worth seeing?” is more difficult than a straight forwards, Yes. There is a lot more to it than first meets the eyes.

Basic Details

Address: Jl. A.A. Gede Rai No.21, Lodtunduh, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Opening times: 9am-9pm (according to google)

Cost: Free entry (see further down for more details)

Semar Kuning Art Gallery Bali

You have to admit this is a fantastic bit of work!

First Thoughts

We booked a day tour with a taxi driver that our Villa host recommended. We said to our taxi driver that we would like to see some of the best places that Bali Has to ofter. (Without driving too far away from Ubud). That day we saw, Waterfalls, temples, carvings, rice fields, and this art gallery.

As we got out the taxi we were greeted by a guy who guided us around the art gallery and made us feel very welcome. The first place we were shown was the people painting and making the art. This place he noticed my camera and said he was happy for me to take pictures here but not inside the gallery.

Semar Kuning Art Gallery Bali

The many people painting

We walked around he showed the painting and explained the time that has been spent on each of the painting. The guy painting at the top of this page had been painting that for a couple of months. The Details was incredible. Some of the smaller pictures would take a day.

The doorway, things changed

Once you head through the doorway, things change. Let the sales begin!

It’s not simply a show and tells, it’s a buy my painting, you sure you don’t want another one?

I would say it’s a hard sell but if you say know they will happily walk you around and show you the next painting. The Balinese don’t seem to be too pushy when it comes to selling compared to other countries. But it’s heads up, just in case you simply think its an art museum with a small entry. They make money on the paintings.

I did buy a painting

Semar Kuning Art Gallery Bali

(Elephants from Ubud Market)

Probably paid well over the top 200,000 IDR ($A20 or £11). But I was happy to pay this price. it’s a beautiful picture of the rice fields and reminds me of my wonderful time in Bali.

Before we picked up this picture he was still asking if I wanted more pictures until we finally got to the till where I paid, He wrapped the photo and protected it well enough to fit in my case home to England.

After this, he went back to normal and was able to talk more about the Gallery and I asked about the large pictures which are a good couple of meters squared. where we talked about who buys them and how much they cost. The answers to both of the questions were $A1000-4000 and Americans for there houses and Hotels. They make different photo’s for the tourists that visit.

Overall Experience

I really enjoyed my short time there (Probably between 20mins- 30mins spent there). If you are in Bali, Especially in Ubud, I would put this on my list of things to do in you Ubud and would give it a 3 stars out of 5

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your time in Bali

Don’t forget to smash it.

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