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Taylor’s Thoughts On Sean Making Travel Parodies

So, let’s talk Sean making parodies!

I can’t remember where Sean got the idea from to start making parody photos, but I’m glad that he did!

He’s often out the house on some sort of adventure. When I message him to ask what he’s up to, he usually replies that he’s in a charity shop searching for props for his next parody.

He spends hours on all of his content, and for the parody photos that involves a lot of time trawling the internet for parody material. Followed by getting the relevant permissions!

The most recent set of pictures are my favourite so far…

though they haven’t been released yet so you’ll have to wait to see them!

I might as well tell you why they’re my favourites though.

Making them involved trawling through Target for the right, feminine outfit and a few days later we headed down to the beach.

When we left the house there was lovely the time we got to the beach the sky was black and we were assaulted with a downpour of rain and strong winds. I was laughing so hard watching Sean freezing his bits off and trying to pose despite the weather.

We snapped a total of seven parody pictures, quicker than it usually takes us to style just one!

Travel Parody 8

This was the 1st of the 7 photo’s of that day


I don’t think it will be long before these pictures get more and more popular. You honestly just look at the pictures Sean posts and think…. “What a lunatic!”

But it’s okay. It’s good crazy stuff. Looking forward to him releasing the pictures over the next few weeks!

Travel Parody Video

Since writing this blog Sean has taken his Travel parodies to the next level, Here is that video…

Will not give too much about my thoughts on this due to the fact there will be a blog on this!

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