Sean is a youtuber?

Taylor’s thoughts on Sean becoming a YouTuber

Sean Becoming a YouTuber

To be fair if you’d told me a year ago that my Fiancé would become a wanker who makes content for a website I’d have laughed at you. He used to be very rigid in his ways, believed in expanding his career as the only way forward and was ridiculously committed to his work in dental to the point it made him ill.

Work the 9 to 5…lick your employers ass…get married, get a mortgage..pop out a few kids! He was also extremely sceptical of my future as a coach.


The Change

Somewhere along the way whilst we working in Crinny Pub. An idea lit up like a light bulb in his head and hes been working harder and harder to get his dream off the ground ever since. If you’re reading this blog right now you are playing a part in that, so thanks! He has realised that there is another way beyond the 9 to 5 and there’s more to life than mortgages and children.

Some days he bitches and moans and we piss each other off. Other days we are dying with laughter over him filming for his next video or scheming daft ideas for something else to help him along the way to success. Either way, despite the criticism he’s received from strangers or people asking “You will get a real job back in England, won’t you?”, I know he’s made a great choice and is pursuing something he is passionate about. So I’m backing him all the way.

My Favourite videos

This is one of my favourite videos. Watch out for his terrible dancing!


This Video was so funny to film, I was not sure where Sean was going it. Then this happens, one take!

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