How to save money to travel the world

Want To Travel But You Can’t Save Money – How To Save Money To Travel

How to save money to travel!

I can only imagine your reading (searching and found this article) due to the fact you want to travel (more) and you have little money! Sorry, this Article is not going to give you the money to fund your next trip, But it will give the knowledge and give the balls to travel. This article will tell you some of the lessons that travel teaches you about money. (If you are looking at traveling for *free click here) But if you want to know how to save money to travel keep reading.

If you were anything like me nearly two years ago, your probably in some kind of debt and you keep telling yourself, “Next month, I’ll Save more” Then the next little treat comes along. I took out a rather large loan to break this link. But if I never used that money for travel, I would have spent it on another treat and I would still be sitting telling myself “Next month, I’ll save more”.

What I should have done instead…

Learn how to manage money for travel.

Why can travelers come home, then travel after saving 6 months at a shit job

You probably have a friend that worked at Tesco, or Costa coffee for 6 months and then the next thing you know they are traveling for 6 months-2 years on that money. Have you not questioned the logic of this?

Let me give a rundown of who you are, You work at a well know a company (in Your industry)in a city and you studied and worked hard get to your position, so why can’t you afford to travel. But that trolly dolly can?

Your a stupid idiot, Well don’t worry about it, you’re in good company! (I’m an idiot too)

Unlike the guy who is only earning money to travel, You have a lot of problems (that you made yourself)

Let me show your their problem vs yours


Their problems

Need money for travel – the main priority 

expenditure –

  • live with family (little to nothing)
  • Food (basic, no takeaways. Family probably cooks)
  • Nights out (never buys a round of drinks, says shit like “let’s go to spoons it’s cheap” or “can’t come out tonight have no money”)
  • Planning for the holiday (buys little, doesn’t worry about a new outfit)
  • Phone contract (not likely)
  • Day Trips (maybe go for walks and free stuff)
  • Stuff for work (No tools, no outfits, doesn’t buy anything special for work)
  • Car (borrows family or doesn’t drive)
  • Shit happens ( Less stuff, to break, fewer things to go wrong)

How to plan money for travel


Your problems

Need money for travel – (main priority) Says it is but spends most of their time planning the next 6 months in their home country


  • live with friends or own (relationship) (1/3 of your wage)
  • Food (cooks 4 times out of the week, Treat treat for 3 days if not more)
  • Nights out (weekly night out, says stuff like “Saturday are for the boys” )
  • Planning for a holiday (got to look good, maybe a new tattoo. Better get on the gym! Don’t forget that whey protein. need new clothes as i’mtoo ripped for the old clothes)
  • Phone contract (new Samsung say stuff like “iPhones are for losers”)
  • Day Trips (got to watch the new film out. Thorpe park… it is summer)
  • Stuff for work (New suit for work, new tools, new pen)
  • Car (Probably on finance, insurance, tax, and MOT but you need it for work)
  • Shit happens (more items more problems)

How not to plan money for travel

How do you break your money cycle?

The first thing you need to know is what is your cycle, what is funding your cycle and what is your cycle funding (if it not travel, why not).

What stories are you telling yourself? You need your job because its a career, Need to go on that night out it’s my mates birthday, been good lately don’t deserve a treat?

let’s break down these stories quickly for you. One your traveling so are you not putting your career on hold anyways? What’re another 6 months?

You’re going to miss a mates birthday when you’re away, They will understand as long as you don’t moan at them for not coming to yours.

Your travel is your treat!


Open your eyes

look for yourself doing these things, You might even not realize it when you are doing it! Think to yourself, Travel or… (whatever the story is)

As I said before the person working at costa for only 6 months goes on traveling right away and you have been planning for years … seriously that local factory could be a better way of saving money for that next traveling journey. (less travel, no car. Not buying new shirts for work)… look at how much it’s costing you not to travel.

You need to learn to let go of things that, isn’t going to matter when you travel as there is a new set of rules when you traveling.

You might be thinking how much really cost to travel and is there any way to save money on travel, I’m always writing a new blog on this topic and lots of other. But for you guys wanting to learn another one of my techniques to travel for near to nothing… check out The Travel Gamble Technique – See The World For *Free


Thanks for reading

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