10 rules i Live by

My rules for life! – 10 Rules I Live By

My Rules For Life

When leaving for Australia I picked up a book called The rules of life by Richard Templar. Something to read on the plane. If I was planning to change my life, I needed to change my mind too. To be fair before this book it had been a long while since I even read a book. 8 months later I wrote my 1st book. Apart expiring me to keep reading, it made me think of my own rules of life. Here Are my 10 rules for life;

North fremantle bridge

1. Anything is possible (if you want it enough)

So many times we get told by someone else it’s impossible! It’s impossible for them with their mindset.


2. Don’t make a monster out of yourself/business

I’ve seen people stuck in there business or lifestyle due to the fact it’s so big they can’t afford to not fund it. Don’t put yourself in this situation big is not always better!


3. Things change

Change with it, then don’t just predict the next change. Be the next change.

What can make everyone’s (or a small group) Life’s better. Make it/Do it.


4. Money will come and goes

The markets will fall again, you will get a unexpected bill, gain more money.be prepared.

Don’t think because your poor now you can’t do anything about it. Also if your rich today, tomorrow is another day.

5.money is not the meaning of life, happiness is.

If you and everyone else is happy it doesn’t matter what is going on!

6.Have a end game/2 million pound plan

Plan your end game.

Share this plan with your partner make sure you are compatible, mix in both your end games. To make a joint focus! My is a house in Wales with land !



7. People can be smarter, faster or fitter than you. Plan top trumps when you need the win

Sometimes it’s not playing to your strengths that wins, but finding others cracks is where you can compete.


8. Teach others what you wanted to know

Make others smarter, faster and fitter than you quicker than you done it and you will be the best mentor


9. Have all or nothing plan.

Some say don’t have a plan b, as it can detract you from your goal.

I say have an nothing plan which is what is going to happen if all goes wrong… Use it to movittive you to push harder.


10. When bluffing you better have a good hand

If your going to bullshit, you better have back up to it because people will call you out!


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