What To Do On Rottnest Island – Best Way To See the Quokkas

Rottnest island

Everything you need to know about Rottnest Island!

Rottnest Island Located Just of the shore from Perth and Fremantle. This Island Is home to Quokkas the best place to see them in the world. This blog and dedicated to the fluffy rat things! Even Known as Quokka Island (Rotto to the locals), itself is a Beautiful place. But the Quokkas always steal the show!

This blog is going to be slightly different from a lot of my other blogs, I will review the Island with questions I receive on a daily basis(Due to working in a place that sells tickets to this island) This way people who are planning on visiting can get the information ( And it should save me time and effort, at work). But I will also be making this blog interesting for you guys who haven’t planned to come to Rottnest Island… Aren’t I good to you all!

Will I see quokkas, Where are the quokkas?

Seriously this is the most popular questions! You can see them everywhere! As soon as you get off the boat at Thomson Bay head to the cafe and boom, rats!

Quokka Rottnest Island

Hey man… you got any food?

The spawn around the food places and beg for food…Don’t feed them human food though!

Will the quokkas kill me?


Quokka Rottnest Island

Death by Quokka

Them animals are peaceful things, Don’t touch them, Due to the rules. But they harmless it’s the people that aren’t harmless to them! If you touch a quokka it may make them drop their babies, as a sacrifice. (Pretty dark when you think about it)

How do you get to Rottnest Island? Can you stay on the Island? Do I have to stay on the island to spend a day there?

  • Three rather good questions. The best way of getting to the Island is by ferry (People do actually swim there, https://rottnestchannelswim.com.au/ If you don’t believe me) I would recommend Taking the ferry Via Fremantle as it is the closest port.
  • Yes, you can stay on the island as there is accommodation but as far as I can tell its rather expensive.
  • No, You can stay in Fremantle in a rather cool prison they also sell the tickets to Rottnest too… but more on this later
Rottnest express

Take this ferry and your dreams will come true

Is there more to Rottnest than Quokkas?

(This one is a lie, no one has ever asked me this)

Yes, there is! There is a fantastic Island. Great beaches, Wildlife (other than quokkas) and Scenery

Rottnest island Itself

Calm, cool, collected

How much time should I spend on Rottnest Island?

I always recommend a whole day! As long as possible … make the most of it!

No one has ever complained they have been there for too long, but people have said it’s not been long enough.

quokka rotto

Relax and take it easy!

What’s the weather like when I go?

Do I look like Google?


Don’t get Blue on Rottnest Island!

If I go on the whale watching tour… will I definitely see whales?

No… There don’t just turn up when they hear the boat!

But saying this the boat tour I went on was amazing and I didn’t see a Whale! But saw dolphins and Seals

Dolphins Rottnest Island

Dol-phin he saw us

What did I think of my time there?

Amazing fun, Great day out and so much todo!

I went on the Whale watching tour and didn’t see any whales but this didn’t stop me from having fun!

I want to go back there and try out the bikes and see the island a bit more, maybe I will do a full review on it one day until then you can have this weird review interview.

woods on Rottnest Island

How long will it take me to bike the whole island?

How longs a bit of string? Do cycle fast or slow? How many stops are you planning on?

Rottnest Express Recommend 3-5 hours

the island isn’t the flattest but I was able to make it around, I’m 17stone

Bikes Rottnest Island

Just ride with it

Is there anywhere I can get food on Rottnest Island?

Lots of places, cafes, shops, and restaurants, don’t have to pack a packed lunch!

Benches for food at Rottnest

meet and eat

How much is Rottnest island?

Depending on what company you choose to go with.

There is packages for bike hire, snorkeling and whale watching

The YHA Fremantle sometimes do a Play and Stay Package for Rottnest, Also do a pretty good deal on the reception! Come down you may see me!

Seals of Rottnest

Still unsure if you should go to Rotto or not? this photo should seal the deal

When is the best time of the year to go to Rottnest Island?

Spring or autumn if you don’t want too much heat.

Winter if you like the rain

Summer if you want sun!

Rocks at Rottnest Island

I’m Rocking out of captions

Do you have an Extremely funny video about Rottnest Island you can show us?

Yes! It’s my quokka special video, you will get to see what Rottnest is like and what people really care about on the island!


Have you made any Rottnest travel parodies other than the video?

Yeah, Check out these travel memes that took place on Rottnest Island.

Quokka Meme Rottnest meme Quokka Meme

More travel Memes are available on @fsgtravels on Instagram

Thanks for reading

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