How to quit your job and travel

How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World – Before You Die

Quit your job and travel the world!

That sentence, first bring you when endless opportunities you image yourself skiing, sitting on a warm beach with a cocktail or going too far lands then BOOM! The fear kicks in! This fear is the same fear that will have you dying in the same office chair in 40 years time. This article isn’t going to be that sweet motivation you need to quit your job and travel, It’s going to the hard sad facts you need to know how to quit your job and travel the world.

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You are going to die!

This information may come as a shock to you, But you are going to die one day. That day could be tomorrow, next year or when you’re pissing yourself at the age 99(missing out on that letter from the queen). But you are going to die, You need to remind yourself this! Worse than death itself, is the fact you may get sick before you die for many years prior. Stuck in your home, Nothing with your warming thoughts… Oh, wait what thoughts, The thoughts of all that money in your bank accounts that take a lifetime to build up, Which now being eaten by your carers.

Your death bed

Now on your deathbed there with your grandchildren, They ask you two questions;

  • “What’s your favorite memory?”
  • “What’s the biggest regret?”

You think long and hard about these questions, You are thinking back… Was it your wedding day? Nah she cheated on you 3 months later with your best friend, All the wedding did was eat into your money. I must have been one of your many holidays ( 40, 1-week breaks) but you can’t think of the exact one, was it the time you went to Florida, but I can’t be your boss was phoning you being a dick. It must have been that amazing week in Mexico, But the flights were really long. You’re thinking really hard about this question then it dawns on you. Are you really going say your best memory is a blow out one week away? So you decide to change it and go with… The day my grandchildren were born! ( You Can’t say your son, all he does is work. Doesn’t have time for family, holidays and anything else. All he is bothered about is getting through the next 40 hour week. He’s not even here at your side, he’s got to hold a meeting.)

So then the grandchildren ask again “what’s your biggest regret?” You say “nothing” never telling about your chance to travel the world, but you had a career. You die never inspiring your grandchildren to do anything about from work like you and your son.


Look at your long-term, not the short term!

The funny thing is, if you had a mindset like me before I head off on a working holiday in Australia then you would argue, the short term was travel, long-term was a career. This is true if you plan to die in your office! The funny thing about travel is the fact it’s one of the best teachers you will ever have! It can teach you many different rules about money, ( wrote them in this blog, recommend reading this if you think travel is expensive and you can’t afford it) Time and most importantly your life is short.

let explain how travel is the long-term and “working on your career” is short-term


  • Learn about money and time balance (setting you up for the future)
  • Learn more about you (know what you want, who you want, where you want to be)
  • Embrace others cultures (see life differently and adapt)
  • Learn to relax with life, Stressing about things shows you a smaller picture (gain a larger look on life and realize stress does nothing)
  • Build a community of like-minded Friends  (friends for life)
  • Learn what you want to do in life  (Find a passion, work on that)
  • Learn how to enjoy life on less money (don’t need to kill yourself to enjoy life)
  • Find out your path in life (know where you be at the age of 80)



  • Spending 37 years on a career isn’t much difference to 40 years ( Giving you time to travel)
  • Build Business connections (will help you when your up)
  • Be jealous of other with more time than you, or refers to them as losers that need to get a proper job (because they are happier than you)
  • No guidance on making your money, Only aim in life is to make more money. (Die with cash in the bank, or try and holiday when old)
  • Stress for money (cutting your life expectancy)
  • Working on a career right away means having money now! (short-term at its finest)
  • Tunnel vision on life (Working because that’s what everyone else does)
  • Not knowing if you truly want to work in this career for the rest of your life (10 years down the line you might change the path, Wasting time)


How to use this information to quit your job and travel the world

Quit your job

I’m not saying quit your job and travel, spend all your money and go back to the same job when the money runs out! You would learn very little.

Quit your job and travel! Get a hold of yourself (preferably by the nuts if this an option) dive in the deep end, Get that visa, get that flight and f**k off!

Don’t plan to go back ( You might find your job is your life’s calling, but I highly doubt it!). See what it is like with no money in a foreign country, learn the fact it’s not going to kill you to get low on funds. Learn it’s not going to kill you not having a job for a whole month!

Learn what you need to learn! But Enjoy it!


The deathbed with travel

This brings me back to the deathbed with your grandchildren. This time it’s different. Your dying on your bed and one of your grandkids turns to you and says “was your favorite memory the time you worked on the bar on the beach?” Where the other kid says “no it must be the time you explored the jungle and lost your hat, only to find a monkey wearing it!” and laughed Then your son pipes up and says “no, It was time he 1st met your nan in that small little hostel while backpacking Thailand.” Your wife looks at you with a tear in her eye remembering that holiday and all the others.

You told your family millions of different stories from your life and they are still discussing them, But the last thing you hear is I want to be like grandpa he had such amazing life… You Pass away happy knowing your job is done.


Thanks for reading

Sorry if I went a little deep on the death, But it was the best way to kick you up the arse! If you want to know a more about my story check out Backpacks to Beer Taps (which available on Amazon). It’s about how I quit my job my job and traveled. I had no money prior to traveling and no focus, I wrote the book to inspire more people to open their eyes more to what traveling can do for them!

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