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We are not just blogging, vlogging W**kers.

We have some amazing items that can help you on your own travels.

This page is updated regularly so check back on us … It gets lonely.

Our products!


Clothing and Accessories

Our clothing and Accessories are made by Teespring.

Shipping from US and EU But Available in many more country.

On top of the fact we try and make the funniest clothing about we also donate 10% of our profits to Make a wish Australia.


Travel Parody Range

Travel Parody Clothing

A range of different styles

Travel Parody Clothing

A range of sizes

Travel Parody Clothing


Each of the stores may contain different products

But they are updated regularly so keep an eye out!

Budget Travel Top

I spent all my money on travel, This was the only t-shirt in my budget

Limited item Travel Jumper

I packed a Limited amount of items, This is the Jumper I chose

Did someone say travel top

Did someone say travel?


US Store EU Store


Backpacks To Beer Taps

Backpacks To Beer Taps Written By Sean Brett, Edited By Taylor MacKee

This Book is brilliant If you are thinking about going backpacking or travelling. It shows you what you can achieve.

If your already travelling and want to know more about Australia or The FSG Team this book is for you too!