Shit You Might Need For Traveling

Luckily for you I have spent a lot of time researching the best products for traveling. I have neatly stored them on this page.

You might think you the world’s best traveler and there is nothing on this earth that I could show you that you haven’t got already. Well to that I say your wrong, You little bitch.

I have categorized this page for quick searching so you can find the products you need and get your arse on the next plane as quick as possible. See how nice I am to you!

Long term traveler

Long term travelers need a lot of items and I really can’t be bothered to write down everything you need to pack (again). Due to the fact I have already done this for an article for traveling Australia. You can use this article as a base for any country. (well maybe not the cold ones, when I get the time and the knowledge, I’ll do an Antarctica version.

List of What to Pack To Travel Australia On A Budget (Male style)

First time hiking

Currently writing an Article, Come back soon.

First Time In A Hostel

If you have never been to a hostel before, Why Not? I don’t think you can count yourself as a traveler until you have been to one.

This is a perfect article for you, Everything You Need To Know About Hostels (Backpackers)

There is a section at the end for items that you need for hostels too.

Weekend Travel

Weekend travel is all about weight, low weight. Carry on is key. I have a perfect article for anyone trying to balance their bags.

It is based on Europe in winter, but if you’re trying to get to America in the summer. Adust this article for your suiting, Your a smart person.

Everything You Need To Pack For A Short Winter Trip In Europe

Funny Travel Stuff

Want to be the funny guy at any hostel? then make sure you grab yourself one of these T-shirts

Funny Traveling Quote And Slogan T-Shirts

Gifts for Travelers

Well, you might have somehow stumbled on to this website trying to find the perfect gift for your travel friend. (I really don’t know how you found me. But I’m happy you did)

Or you might have made a friend when traveling. Lucky bitch, I always struggle to make friends.

Well anyways, I have made you a lovely article which I will be 99% certain you will be able to find them the perfect gift.

Perfect and Simple Gifts For Any Traveller- 101 Gifts They Need!

Why don’t you just take a holiday

If you’re an English reader, I have the perfect gift for your friend or even yourself!

Try a Mystery Holiday – New York, Bali, Iceland, Dubai, Disneyland & More!

This mystery holiday is available on Wowcher for the little price of £99 PP. Get one if you’re brave enough.

Mystery Holiday - New York, Bali, Iceland, Dubai, Disneyland & More!

Our Products

Backpacks To Beer Taps

Backpacks To Beer Taps Written By Sean Brett, Edited By Taylor MacKee

This Book is brilliant If you are thinking about going backpacking or traveling. It shows you what you can achieve.

If you are already traveling, want to know more about Australia or The FSG Team this book is for you too!


Clothing and Accessories

Our clothing and accessories are made by Teespring.

Shipping from US and EU But Available in many more country.

On top of the fact we try and make the funniest clothing about travel which we donate 10% of our profits to Make a wish Australia.


Travel Parody Range

Travel Parody Clothing

A range of different styles

Travel Parody Clothing

A range of sizes

Travel Parody Clothing


Each of the stores may contain different products

But they are updated regularly so keep an eye out!

Budget Travel Top

I spent all my money on travel, This was the only t-shirt in my budget

Limited item Travel Jumper

I packed a Limited amount of items, This is the Jumper I chose

Did someone say travel top

Did someone say travel?


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