This is Super easy todo, We want you to promote yourself on our Instagram.

But before we have a few Terms for adding a photo to our Instagram.

What are the requirements for a photo?

The photo must be approved by the panel, we try to approve every photo but here are the requirements (These are not stuck in stone but a good guide)

  • The photo must be original content and your own. No copying from your own Instagram and giving to us. No stealing others content. photo must be owned have the right for you to use (and the right for us to use). Don’t copy the photo back on your Instagram afterward. Sharing the link is more than welcome though.
  • The content must be travel related 
  • The Photo Must be ready to post we don’t have time to edit photo.
  • Can’t be too similar to any photo already on the channel. can be of the same place, but make sure it’s not the same angle and style.
  • We will tag you in the photo and give you credit.
  • No paid affiliate links or sponsored content. We understand you want to make money for your time, but here we can not afford to have a bias content.
  • Must be viewable Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece.
  • Not too Personal you are ok to be in the photo. But make sure its about the place too
  • Must include a basic description. one or two sentences about the area
  • If it’s your first Content on the FSG Travels, you must also write a profile. This is for your benefit, it helps promote your own profiles. We have to have every creator make one, as we want our audience to find more of you ( If you struggle with writing, you can always record your answers and we can help write it)

What do the creators get from sharing content with this site?

It’s a chance for them to shine, it opens them up to a new audience.

This gives them a reason to make the best possible videos, so when others see them they want to find out more about the creator and see more of there stuff.

Here at FSG Travels, we want travelers to come here to find the best content creators to match there needs.

How to Get started

Send us a message, in a few sentences tell us about the photo or just attach it via email

Include the title, very brief information on what is in the photo and whether you need to update your profile or need to write one. (Again if you struggle to write, send us a video)

Make sure you include a valid Email Address as we will send you an email with the Profile Template

In the unlikelihood that your photo idea is disapproved then will give pointers to help, get you it approved.

Contact Us

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If not send us an email