Adult Perth Puns- Perth-anity Travel Puns For Instagram

Perth Puns

Adult Perth Puns For Instagram

Here we go again, Time to crack with some more puns for you guys as you seem to be loving my blogs, Is it because they are so Punny? Ok, that one was bad. Let’s get on with the Perth puns.

I giving you Another warning just like the Travel Puns, The Beach Puns, and the Australia Puns before this one. The puns might seem nice and friendly to begin with then boom. I’ve just insulted your nan on her deathbed.


Light Perth Puns

  • Perth-fec day today
  • Eyes on the road… you just mounted the Perth
  • Perth, Baby Perth, Disco Inferno
  • I love the Home Grown Perth-atos
  • I’m so hungry, give me some of them Perth-etta roll
  • You smell nice, Lovely Perth-fume
  • You’re the scum of the Perth
  • Backpacking is one of my Perth-ogative
  • you have to be Perth-sistent
  • Your puns might be good, Mine are Perth-ossional
  • A Perth-found thinker

Perth pun Travel

Medium Perth Puns

  • Stop staring at the women’s tits your such a Perth-ert
  • what a Quokka Shit
  • Fuck you, Sorry about my Perth-anity
  • How was the sex? Perth-cient
  • These puns are so bad, I need a Perth-frontal lobotomy

Perth pun Travel

Extreme Perth Puns

  • Can I Perth-suade you to let me stick it in your arse?
  • Sorry I came straight away, I need to Work on my Perth-omance
  • I’m enjoying sex, But I would Perth-er too put it in your month
  • Sorry I am a little Perth-ature, It’s just your so hot

Perth pun travel

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