Pathpoint Hostel

Pathpoint Hostel Review – Is It Clean And Safe?

Pathpoint Hostel Review

Thinking about traveling around Cologne and not sure where to stay? Well, you should really think about staying in the Pathpoint Hostel in The heart of Köln. This is my own thoughts and opinions on the hostel. This review is mainly a positive review but this was not paid for by anyone, It’s just written by a fellow backpacker.

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Basic Infomation of Pathpoint Hostel:

Address: Allerheiligenstraße 15, 50668 Köln, Germany (More on Location, further down)

Cost:  From £13.91 Per Person Per Night (Price at time of Article written)

Where to Book:

pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln

The bedroom

This is the 2nd most important thing you should look at when staying in a hostel, 1st thing you should look at is the state of the kitchen. Bad kitchen means untidy guest and staff not giving to f’s. The reason you should care so much about the bedroom is the fact its the only room that you need!

The Bedroom was clean but one negative it was hot, I stayed in the winter and they had the heating on very high.

(There are private rooms too where you have the whole room for you and your friends.)

When I booked the shared 8-bedroom I was a little unsure, even though it had really good reviews. Couple of things I was unsure about the 1st being the shared toilet and shower!

pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln

Shared toilet and shower

The toilet and shower were both located in the same room as the 8-bed bunk. This wouldn’t be a problem in a private hotel room but when it’s in a hostel, it’s normally a red flag. This is because of many reasons that didn’t happen in the Pathpoint Hostel.

  • It can make the room smell
  • Want to take a crap in peace and the room can hear you
  • People showing and random times waking you up.

The Shower and toilet were both in a near to soundproof room, which was handy and stopped all of the problems above.


pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln


Something else I hadn’t seen before at any hostel before was a coin-operated locker. This is very handy for some, just not me. I turned up in the room without any coins and a padlock. So it involved me getting coins then being able to store my items safely. The locker size is also the biggest I’ve seen as you can see in the picture.

pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne kolnpathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln


If you have stayed at a hostel before you know that having a charger in reach of your bed is a luxury. Luckily at Pathpoint they have it right! A Charger plug and light switch for a lamp personal for each bed!

pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln


One review online I saw before I headed to Pathpoint Hostel read something like, The beds are like hospital beds. To be fair this review wasn’t far wrong, especially with the covers for the bed sheets. But saying this the bed was comfy.

pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln


Let’s move on to the Atmosphere of the Hostel, not knowing any German and the fact I visited this place in the winter. I would say the place had a very little atmosphere in comparison to a lot of other hostels I have stayed at. This could be different in the summer and if you speak German.

pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln

Communal rooms

The Communal rooms are massive, Very relaxing sofas and chairs. There are 3 main communal rooms, one just outside the kitchen, One ground floor in the main building and one above that.

Pathpoint Cologne

I left a copy of Backpacks To Beer Taps in the bookcase, Its part of an experiment of seeing how far hostel books travel. If you want to see how far this book has traveled so far check out The Travel Book That Travels – Book Tracker


I never cooked in the kitchen and I never saw anyone else cook. But the kitchen was always clean for a hostel this is a massive plus!

pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln

It does have a really good, place to fill up your water bottle which I would recommend as it can save you time and money to use it. Make sure you have a water bottle packed before you head to this hostel!


The location of the hostel is amazing! If you head out of the Cologne Central Station(Koln HBF), The opposite side of the train station to the Cathedral then head left (opposite side to the Rhine). Cross over the road and walk about 3-5 minutes and Its just around the corner.

You couldn’t really get a better location if you tried.

Overall Thoughts

I would recommend, This hostel to many as it’s nearly everything you can want from a hostel. It’s safe, clean and you can have a good sleep here. The location is really good. The only thing is not great was the Atmosphere and how hot the whole hostel was. I would give this hostel 4 out of 5.

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Koln Cologne Dom Cathedral

Thanks for reading

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Enjoy your time in Germany

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