What To Pack For Europe In The Winter

Everything You Need To Pack For Short Winter Trip In Europe

The European Winter Pack List

So you have decided to have a short getaway to somewhere in Europe, but you have chosen to do it in the winter. Many would think this is a bad Idea as winter in Europe is cold wet and you can’t pack 125 jackets due to weight restrictions on luggage. Luckily for you, I am going on many trips this year in Europe and will be giving you all the advice you need to pack light and stay warm.

What to pack Everything

For a short trip, you don’t need anything more than hand luggage. I will be showing you everything that I have packed for my budget  trip to Germany (Click here if you want to see how I afforded the trip for under £125)

Inside the Bag

I have a slight overkill of items in this list and some are not essential and more personal choice and others are a must! Don’t worry I will be giving you a rundown of why I pack each of the items, where you can get them and A rough cost of the items. The list of items is very budget too, so don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget.

Water bottle

What to pack Bottle

Some would say this is a more of the pointless item but this item was a lifesaver for me when I had a raging hangover.

I filled this up shortly before the flight, Which was a great idea because of the aircon of the flight really dries you out. – (Took water from the Wetherspoons in Stansted Airport, a little tip if flying from Stansted)

It was also great to have in the hostel due to the heating being on max. (If you travel in summer it’s the same problem with the aircon)

I filled it up in the Hostel and saved myself and around £5 for having this bottle ( and the environment)

Places to get one

I got mine from Mountain Warehouse, one a buy one get one free with the toiletries set for around £15 for the both

Here is Amazon link to a similar one to mine.

A good book

What to pack Backpack To Beer Taps

A book is always key when getting on a plane, It’s not just to read when you’re on the plane bu more in the airport!

Here are 5 great reasons to get the book before you get to the airport

1. Save money

Airports are always stupid prices. FACT (It isn’t just in case WHSmiths wants to sue me or something. It’s a valid opinion that they cost more)

2. European airports, European Languages

Of course, you’re leaving from your own country so thinking this is an invalid point is stupid. As I am currently Sitting in a German Airport without a book and instead now writing. As I dropped my book off at the hostel for a bit of an experiment (Too see how far it travels). But for you guys not doing an experiment, you might find yourself without a book because you didn’t need for your 1st flight but your flight home is delayed.

3. Make sure you have room in your bag

Might just be a book but have you seen how thick the harry potter series are.

4. Kindle is great too

You can download one to save room but beware of battery!

5. You can’t get my book in the shops

If you want a copy of Backpacks to Beer Taps then you have to get it on Amazon beforehand! It got a great author, Sean Brett! (It’s Available on Kindle too)

First aid kit

What to pack First aid

Do you want to die? Well, pack one of these.

Ok that might be a little overkill (see the pun there … Have more great travel puns here)

I use mine for an old plaster but its got to have it handy if you really need it!

Where to get one

Got mine from a camping shop a couple years back and kept it traveling with me. The shop has since closed down but other camping shops will have these.

If you can’t be bothered to look for these in the shop, Amazon is here.


What to pack Documents

I got a cheap like plastic wallet to put these documents in, just to keep them together.

The documents are as followed;

  • Flight boarding tickets
  • Hostel details
  • Tickets for the bus – To and from the Airport (England)
  • Google maps

Passport, Cash and Travelcard

What to pack Passport and Money

Quite important Items here, and I keep these together in a passport case. I am going to quickly run through the importance of each of them.


Do I really need to explain why you need this? Well for you guys who need me to explain the fact you can’t enter another country without one, there you go.

Where to get one from

Get one of these from your local post office or www.gov.uk/apply-renew-passport

Passport Wallet

Not having one of these cost me around £75 and a lot of messing around. This was because I once damaged my passport and had to get a new one.

Having one of these can protect your passport and great for storing money and cards in. Plus when you pull your passport out you just look that little bit cooler.

Where to get one from

I got mine from amazon! – Oh look there is mine!

Travel Card

These are important and can be even easier and cheap than using your current bank.

But beware some offer really bad exchange rates, Luckily for you, I have spent ages using and researching different travel cards and money exchange companies. This is the best one I have found.

Its called the TranferWise Borderless Card. I find it a lifesaver when you need Foreign money quickly. One hack that I have found with this card due to the fact it has an automatic currency converter, I spend my leftover Euro’s in GBP when I get home with doing anything but tapping my card.

Check out the Transferwise Website

Other benefits are the fact top it up with different currencies and it can be paid into like a bank too(Which can be handy for more long term travel). It’s easy to freeze the card, put more cash on it and it can send you updates how much you have left, just using an app.

Money (cash)

Didn’t get a travel card? Didn’t tell your bank you were traveling? Or forget your pin? Cash is king. I always have a little bit on me.

Personally, I forgot the pin to my travel card and my phone died so I couldn’t check the app so I had to use cash.

But don’t carry t0o much cash, theft is possible anywhere, when traveling you are naturally higher risk.


What to pack Headphones

Want to be the dick in hostel playing loud music? Or in my case the knob that was playing here music loud on the plane?

Don’t be that guy! Get A pair of headphones.

Don’t matter the price (Well unless we are talking quality), A pair is better than nothing.

Where to get these

Nearly everywhere. Open your eyes.

(These are not mine)

European Plug (For USB) / Multinational plug

What to pack PlugWhat to pack Plug

I packed to plugs for 2 reasons:

  1. I know the 1st plug (USB only) works as I used it before
  2. The second plug is a multinational, plug with USB sockets but I hadn’t tested it yet.

They both work perfectly and I would suggest to buy the second plug for your travels as you can charge muti things at once.

While sitting in Cologne airport people asked if they could plug there phone cables in my charger.

Here is the charger that every traveler should have:


What to pack padlock

These are key for most hostels, As they lock your stuff away in the lockers in your room. I didn’t use mind on the trip. This was the 1st time ever I had been to a coin-operated locker. I would always pack one.

I use one with a code as its safer than losing a key… But less secure (If some guesses the code)

Where to get one

I got mine in the gym. But you can get yours from DIY stores or even Amazon


What to pack Hairband

This was for me, not everyone needs to pack a hairband unless they want to put there hair up or look like  Stereotypical Douchebag Traveller

Flip flops

What to pack Flip Flops

You might be thinking why would you need to pack flip flops in the winter?

Well simply you need them for the showers.

Where can you get some?

These ones are from Australia, Ripcurl shop. But you can get some from a lot of clothes in the summer. But if you not planning ahead, go to my favorite online shop Amazon.

Cheap one are perfect for shower… Pay more for if you want more than shower slippers


What to pack Camera

I Personally take a camera for blogs and other photos but a lot of people just use there phones. But if you are looking for a camera for travel check out this Article 5 Best Budget Cameras for Travel 


What to pack Clothes

Clothes are different for everyone but as a quick rundown for a long weekend away (3 days):

  • 2 pairs of underwear (socks, pants, bra/s)
  • 2 t-shirts
  • a pair of trousers or light trousers.
  • (PJs) I didn’t bother with the top as I am a man and I don’t care if people in the hostel see me without a top.

The reason why you don’t need much is that you will wear most of it on the plane. The spare trousers are in case you shit yourself and need a pair while its in the wash.


What to pack Towel

These towels are not the best for drying yourself with due to the fact are like something you would dry your car with BUT I recommend getting one.

These towels are light and cheap and save you money in the long run. They do the job so its worth getting one.


What to pack Laptop

This one is not really necessary for most people and to be fair I could of got away without out it. But It’s a luxury that I wanted and It helps me write more.

Where to get a laptop

PC shops and online but I don’t Know to much about the best laptops to recommend one on amazon.

Wearing on the plane


What to pack Everything

As I already knew what I was going to pack. I knew what bag to get.

Here are many reasons I think you should get a Backpack or Rucksack other a small luggage suitcase.

  • The maximum carry on luggage size varies from airline to airline
  • Easier to carry and travel with
  • Fewer checks by airlines for sizes and weights than suitcases (Personally found this)
  • Many pockets, easy to find things in hostels as well as keeping things safe

The bag I brought with a laptop pocket which is massively handy for my self but when you got bag shopping look for pockets that help you.

Where to find one

I got mine from Mountain Warehouse, But most camping and hiking stores will have bags.

Similar to mine is available on Amazon


What to pack Coat

You all have one, but does it really answer the 2 points you need a coat for travel?

Does it keep you warm?

Does it keep you dry?

If yes to both of them, then its good for travel. For a bonus point does it have a secret pocket for a passport? Then you have a safe place to keep your passport.


What to pack Clothes

The clothes you need to wear. Two reasons you need all these clothes. 1 your not allowed on the plane naked. 2. You wear the heavy stuff.

The clothes for traveling Europe in winter;

  • Jumper
  • coat
  • Underwear
  • jeans
  • Hat
  • Snood (Scarf)
  • T-shirt

English (Home) Currency Money and ID

What to pack Wallet

A wallet for money, Money for nothing. These cards are not really there to be used but they are a there just in case. I always pack a credit card as well, you never know if you need an emergency trip home.

Thanks for reading

If you enjoyed this list of things to pack for a short journey in Europe but want more unnecessary items then don’t worry I have written an Article on Perfect and Simple Gifts For Any Traveller – 101 Gifts They Need!

But If you want to know how I went to Germany and back for less than £125 then check out this article How to Plan A Budget Trip To Germany – Cologne (From England)

Don’t forget to smash it!

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