What to pack for oz

List of What to Pack To Travel Australia On A Budget (Male style)

What To Pack (Male … But saying this I wear Bras)

I will help you by giving you a list of what to pack to travel to Australia and whats better I will do it for you without leaving your house!

This list is a little overkill but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Even know I have listed a lot of items to pack but the less you pack the better it will be on your back with moving from one hostel to another! Remember there are shops in Australia so don’t panic too much if you have under packed!

To help you out, if you click on any of the photos it will take you to Amazon so you can find out more information at the products ( I have also looked for the cheapest with best reviews to save you time)


Underwear -well depending on if you go commando like me as it gets hot

But I recommend 8 pairs of underwear max! This means washing once a week or chilling in skids, but packing smart is key.

 Shorts– Go smart double a pair of swimming shorts to be your second pair.

Shorts are great, two max. You will wear them all the time in the 1st year, by the time you climatize you will be wearing jeans most of the second year.

T-Shirts -Maybe a vest, Spice up your life!

Forget jumpers Australia is T-shirt weather! The 2 years I was in Australia I have brought more of these than any other clothing due wearing the same tops every week they start to get grubby quickly. Even though you might need to buy more on the road, Stick to around 7-8 max ( this includes vests)


Travel Parody T-Shirt

Oh look my t-shirt

My Tee Spring Store

A warm jacket -yes it does get cold sometimes, maybe wear this on the plane and every time you move hostel (Moving in summer can be a killer)

Funny you think Australia will be warm all year round! Sometimes it’s wet and cold (after a while use to the temperature). Pack one max don’t max it to big and thick but you still want it to keep you warm.

A smart outfit for an interview -Get more shirts if you get that sort of job

You might be planning on getting an office job or maybe a bartending job (some information that here) but even with a plan on getting a job in Australia you will find it is hard and you will have to get what you can, so don’t pack 5 shirts ready for that office job, but be ready for at least the interview. Target and Kmart will be a cheap place to get more clothes if need be. Pack one interview outfit, Smart shirt, trousers and Maybe a belt (if you feel fancy)

Jeans- For when your legs are burnt

As I said it does get cold but another time you get need these is when you go out on a night out, sometimes shorts are not the part. Pack One Pair max!

Swimming stuff- Bright is best

You will want to go to the beach at least once and Australia has some killer beaches so make sure you look the part! Pack one pair of swimmers

A pair of PJ’s -You will need them if you stay in a hostel, no one wants to see people walking around in underwear. trust me!

With PJ you have 2 options, no grown arse adult wants to wear PJ but there are 2 options for men and PJs and hostels. Option 1 go for a pair of lounge clothes (smart) Option 2 Go for something stupid like a pokemon onesie (just be careful on extra weight). Only pack one

Trainers- Comfort is key

These shoes need to be good breathable shoes, remember it’s hot are these will start to smell very quickly if they are bad quality. Pack one pair

Thongs (flip-flops)– You will need these for showering and wearing 90% of the time … don’t cheap out on these

Havaianas are a very good brand of a flip-flop and you can pick these up even in some of the Australian airports. But grab a pair because you go, Just a warning the cheaper the pair normally the shorter they last. ( one pair max)

star wars! These cost a lot more than other Havaianas

Sunglasses– Time to look dapper

Grab a pair of these! You need Some eye protection. But if your anything like me, you will break and lose every pair in days. Maybe pack a few in that case as they are light and useful.

Accessories and documents

Passport holder- Look good and stylish at the airport and at hostels( When they check your IDs)

As well as looking cool these passport holders protect your passport too.

Mobile charger- don’t forget this!

Make sure you pack all your chargers, phone, laptop…etc

Toothbrush and other basic wash stuff- small is best at the start

Once you settle in a hostel build a bigger set of wash stuff.

Adaptor plugs (so you can plug your UK appliances in the AU mains)

The charger does the opposite too let’s plug you AU plugs into the UK.

A microfibre towel– This is useful for Hostels as it dries super fast

Don’t pack actual towels! Pack these as they are small and light and perfect for hostels!

A really light sleeping bag -This is optional, but if you stay at shitty hostels having a clean sleeping bag could be a luxury

Avoid packing one of these if possible. I have one and used it twice in 2 years.

Airplane Kit– help you sleep on that long flight!

This kit might be perfect for a flight… But these are not perfect for traveling around Australia for 2 years. Choose wisely.

Other things to pack!

Passport -UK GOV Website

Visa documents-AUS Gov Website

Unlocked Phone- EBay Unlock phones

How not to pack your bags

If you want to see how not to pack your suitcase check out this video!

Thanks for reading

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