Oceania- Tips, Hacks And Some Funny Articles

The first question you might be asking is how well do I know Oceania? Well after living and traveling around here for nearly two years I have got some expertices, advice and Funny Stories to Share

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Articles about Oceania as a whole

Nothing to see here… Maybe one day, though


Articles about Australia

I spent two great and wonderful years in Australia on a working holiday visa and I would love to share with you some of my experiences. In the hope to make your time there, that much better.

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General Australia

Australian Working Holiday Visa -Everything You Need To Know



The complete guide for your working holiday visa! *Massive Article






Sorting Out Money On Your WHV In Australia ( TFN, Banks, and Transfers)

Sort money in Australia


Get your money sorted while you’re in Australia with this simple guide.





Adult Australia Puns – Perth-fect Travel Puns For Instagram

Adult Australian Puns


These are some stupid dad style jokes, which start nice. End with you wanting to burn your eyes out






List of What to Pack To Travel Australia On A Budget (Male style)

What to pack for oz


We list everything from t-shirts to chargers, check this out before you fly. Similar to the above its there as an idea what to pack rather than the exact items





Should You Fly In To Sydney Or Perth? The Changes In Your Experience

Should You Fly In To Sydney or Perth


Not sure where you should head to in Australia, Let this blog help you choose






How to get a Bar Job in Oz

how to get a job in bar in Australia


How to get a bar job ( one of the easiest, Well paying  jobs to get for backpackers)






What do I need for Farm Work (88 days, 2nd-year visa requirement)

What You need to Pack for OZ


Everything and more for doing your 88 days farm work! Some ideas for items for your farm work!






What’s 88 Days Farm Work Like?- Australian Working Holiday Requirement

Farmwork in oz


We talk Australian Farm work and If its even worth doing!






Why Halloween Sucks In Australia

Halloween in Australia


Halloween in Australia sucks and this is why.






Unsure If You Want To Travel Australia -Let Me Help You

Should You Travel Australia?


Why you should really plan to do a working holiday!






Drop Bears Are they Real? Why Would They Fake It?

Drop Bears

Are drop bears real, why would they make them up?







Door Knocking Jobs In Australia – Is Hello Fresh A Backpacker Trap?

Door knocking scams


Let’s talk about the door knocking jobs… Let’s go into my experiences






10 Tips you wish you known before traveling to Australia!



Going Travelling to Australia? Read this 1st






Struggles of Finding A Job In Australia

6 Struggles with Jobs in Oz


Want to know what is hard about jobs in Australia?






The Problems With Australian Cars

Problems with cars in oz


Road trips sounds fun! But what about the cars




Not quite the capital of Australia but probably the most known around the world! Keep scrolling for General NSW or

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Personal opinions of hostels in Sydney

Sydney's Hostels

The good, The bad and the drug dens





Adult Sydney Puns – HAHAbour bridge Travel Puns For Instagram

Sydney Puns


Puns out suns out, Warning for these





The Cringila Hotel -How Working In A Titty Bar Changed My Life!

Cringila hostel


How the power of going out of your comfort zone!







Western Australia is a fantastic part of the whole world. I have a couple of articles on Western Australia as a whole, then places in Western Australia

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Birds of Australia- Found in around Fremantle and Kings Park Perth

Birds of Australia


Some kick arse photos of birds Around Western Australia







The Order Of Perth’s Best And Worst Beaches!

Perth's Best Beaches


Want to know what beach is the best in Perth?






Is It worth visiting the Swan Bell Tower In Perth?

Blocked view on the swan Bell Tower!


Planning on seeing Perth? Should you see the Swan Bell Tower?





Adult Perth Puns

Perth Puns

I think I might have to Change my Name to the Punny Backpacker!








Things To Do and See In Fremantle (Perth, WA, Australia )

Fremantle See and Do


Fremantle, Western Australia- Things to do in Freo






Zephyr Cafe Fremantle Review- Sunset Dinner

Zephyr Cafe Fremantle Review - Sunset Dinner


Time to get a little loved up with this post! All about Zephyr cafe and their romantic Sunset






North And East Fremantle See And Do

East and North Fremantle


People forget to mention stuff outside of the main high street I Don’t!






Which Is The Best Beach In Fremantle?

Best beach in Fremantle


If you want to go Fremantle you better know the best beaches






Ports Beach To Cottesloe Beach – Best Beach Walk In WA

Port beach fremantle to Cottesloe Beach


Walk from Cottesloe to Fremantle






Cottesloe WA – What Is There To See And Do?

Cottesloe WA


Cottesloe one of Perth’s coastal towns






The Best Coffee in Fremantle: The Best Coffee Shops Fremantle

Best Coffee In fremantle


Time to Talk Coffee, What I think of Fremantle’s Coffee shops!






What To Do On Rottnest Island – Best Way To See the Quokkas

Rottnest island


Not a normal review, More like FAQs






YHA Fremantle Prison -The Best Hostel In The World?

YHA Fremantle Prison


Its a little bias due to the fact I worked and lived there but here is my review!






Nightlife In Fremantle – How To Plan The Perfect Night Out

The perfect Night in Fremantle


Want a good night out in Australia? Fremantle is the place to go!






Fremantle markets

Fremantle Markets


We visit the Markets in Fremantle and give our opinions






Winter World Fremantle


See how Australia does winter!







Costa Berries Gingin- The truth behind the 88 day farm work!

Costa Berries Gingin


You thinking about doing your 88 days of farm work, you need to read this blog!






Gingin Western Australia- Is It Worth Visiting?


Gingin is it just another WA pass through town?