Nightlife In Fremantle – How To Plan The Perfect Night Out

The perfect Night in Fremantle

Nightlife In Fremantle

Fremantle has the best nightlife for the whole of WA! with 100% of the votes by me in an unofficial vote. With such great nightlife, you probably want to know how to plan the best night out. This is Article is aimed at travelers to Fremantle but anyone can experience the wonders of Fremantle nightlight and use this article to benefit them.

In this article, I will be giving you the information that you need for a fantastic night as well as how to achieve it as cheaply as possible!

Disclaimers: It is illegal to be drunk in Australia, that’s a warning in case you didn’t know (this doesn’t mean alcohol or shots or even banned). Secondly, as I am talking about alcohol even though I’m not selling it, I want to help people that might have a problem 

How To Plan The Perfect Night Out In Fremantle

As I said before Fremantle is the Nightlife center of the whole of WA! But where is the best place to head to? The simple answer is the Cappuccino Strip (South Terrace) Here is a list of great pubs, clubs, and bars

  • The Norfolk Hotel
  • Sail and Anchor
  • The Monk
  • Newport Hotel
  • The National Hotel
  • Benny’s Cafe
  • Metropolis

Start at a hostel

Fremantle YHA Prison

Fremantle YHA Prison

I’m Bias for Hostel in Fremantle due to the fact I’ve stayed and lived in the Yha Fremantle Prison for around 6 months! This hostel has a brilliant social feel and you can normally find others that want to out in Fremantle no matter what day of the week!

But as a second I would recommend Old Fire Station I hear this place is an Awesome party hostel! You might not get much sleep but if your planning to go out this won’t bother you!

After you have chosen the hostel, grab and large and cheap room, Just somewhere to place your head at the end of the night. You will then need to head down to a local bottle shop and grab a box of goon or box of beer… enough to get you merry Not Drunk (maybe some for afterward too?)

The drink them in the common area and share them out and get some followers for your night out!

Warm up in Newport

Newport Fremantle

If you still need another drink or maybe It’s still a little early the Newport is a place for the next pint or just a bit of change scenery

This place may just seem like another Pub, But it’s got a karaoke bar and it can get pretty lively!

Opening times 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Go to Benny’s

Benny's Fremantle

Talking an about getting lively, Benny’s Bar and Cafe is just a nice little quite restaurant within the day and the next thing you know BOOM! Lively bar, with live music

So I would head there next! It’s a fantastic stop on your pub crawl. The best thing about Benny’s is their range of different drinks, cocktails to mixers to shots of my favorite Alcohol … Absinthe.

Benny’s does get extremely packed but it has a really good vibe. I even enjoyed the live music it took me nearly an hour to work out it was live it was that good! Benny’s is where you should really aim to go too this is the best bar in Fremantle (voted by me and only me in a private vote).

Benny’s opening times:

Monday- Thursday 7:30 am to midnight

Friday : 7:30 am to 1 am

Saturday: 8 am to 1 am

Sunday: 8 am to midnight

But Just a reminder during the day this is a cafe and restaurant! Aim to get there for 9-10pm


Metropolis Fremantle Metropolis Fremantle

If you haven’t had too much or are not too tired or old, Then the next place to head to is Metropolis or (Metro as known by everyone)

This place is a club and yes it is expensive too but it’s pretty awesome inside with two different dance floors playing really good music. The Night I headed down there the top bar was playing retro music (stuff from the 00’s and earlier ) and the ground floor was playing dance or house music!

Just a warning this place something requires you to purchase tickets which you can get from Check it out before planning your night out!

Metropolis is opening times are:

Friday: 9 pm- 4 am

Saturday: 9 pm -5 am

Sunday-Thursday: Closed

Metropolis Fremantle Night Life Metropolis Fremantle Nightlife Metropolis Fremantle Nightlife

Go to bed

If you are still up at 5 am and still want to party, You really shouldn’t be but, If you planned ahead for this you probably have some goon left or beers from earlier… Crack on or just go to sleep!

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As you can see I’ve spent a long writing kick arse blogs for people like you.

Don’t forget to smash it!

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