How to find your niche

How to Find Your Niche For Blogs, Vlogs Or Pictures On Social media

How to find your niche

Writing blogs, Filming Vlogs and any things on social media will have you screaming to be found. If you have don’t have a niche, you will just be another face in the crowd!

Don’t worry I am here to help you make waves in the massive pool of social medias… Go grab a pen and paper or open a word doc and work though these questions with me. My example is at the bottom of the Blog just in case you need to guidelines.

These question will take time to master, Trail and error baby!

If your new to Blogging how to blog for beginners.

Can you do it?

Choose one of these which describes your work or you;

  • Cute (things that make you say awww… come have a look at this cute dog).
  • Intellectual ( things that other share or say did you know…8 light bulbs contain enough light to light up a room, found out watching billy bob).
  • Funny (you make people laugh enough to quote… “I will fight you in your Home” Jimbo Shreds).
  • News ( People come to you for the latest new … OMG so and so is dead).
  • Amazing (when they see you they say WOW … can’t believe you climbed MT Everest with only your teeth).

People like to share and tell there friends about the above, pick one for niche, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do two on a blog, vlog … etc.

I.e This is a information blog, but I like to think it has my niche of funny in it too.

what is your hobbies or talent or just something you enjoy here is some examples;

  • horses
  • cars
  • travel
  • money
  • fitness
  • stamps
  • gold mining
  • strip clubs.

What do you have at the moment

What’s your budget?

What Items do you have?

How much time a week to work on it?

What Knowledge do you have?

What Free help do you have?

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What paid resources?

( good place to start)

I like money too I do a lot of things for money,email me!

Other things that could help?

e.g you talk to your tribe (see topic below) Daily

or you have an award in this field.

Why can’t others do it?

This is a trick question, everything can be copied… But they can’t copy YOU

If you choose cute earlier go so hard it that you attract old people from everywhere to squeeze your cheeks.

But look at what you wrote earlier see how much work, money , knowledge time into it and write down why people can’t steal your ideas.

This helps when you are looking at collaborating with others won’t doesn’t scare you off.

This list will keep you sane when things get tough.

Can I keep it going?

If i said the amount of hours, money and dedication you put in on day 1, and you did the same for a year would you run out?

Think long game… its not about hitting one viral video its about learning and growing!

Who is your tribe?

Your tribe, this is something you will learn slowly. Your tribe basically is who have the wave length as you or your ‘character’.

Its how just to say this your tribe, but as a guidance look at yourself 6 months ago. that is your tribe. These people you will connect with when you 1st meet them. Maybe you have the same hobby or style or something that makes you to people click.

Your tribe is a guide and changes with you normally,Its not a no girls allowed club.

Can I keep it fresh?

Do you have one idea, or a million.

How to think

Video idea 1 > Video idea 2 with new promo > Video idea 3 > Blog 1> depending on if video 1 went well do video 1.1 .. if not do idea video 4

How not to think

Video idea 1 > Video idea 1.1 > Video don’t work > Give up

Change your content, try out new ideas… see what works and run with it, if it fails work out why.

Do people want to see it?

Test the waters!

Did it had good feedback not just from friends and family. Strangers are Key (friends and family can be terrible for seeing what is good or bad … Some support, just for support. Then lose traction fast. This is terrible for stats, growth and learning)

At the start it is very hard to find others to watch or read your stuff and normally family , friends help at the start.

but you can always try reddit

Do You enjoy it?

Do what you love, Love what you do. If you don’t change it… remember why you started so you could make money from what you love!

How I found my Niche

Let me help you! If you don’t know who I am

My family and friends know me as Sean Brett but the travel communtiy know me as the funny backpacker!

I make Parodies like these;

Funny Travel Meme Parody Rock posing

And make videos like this one;

So how did I end up making funny travel based content

Let me run though the question above again with you.

Can I do it?

Knew I didn’t have the skill and the money to invest in to hi-tech cameras and drones for Hi-Quality pictures and videos so I never bothered at making artist travel stuff. You want to be the best,I knew i couldn’t compete and didn’t focus on it.

Funny is what I choose

Travel is what I choose

What did I have?

What’s my budget?

BrokeWe’re broke? Like how broke? McHammer broke or Martha Stewart broke?” Vanderguild Dad: “MCHAMMER BROKE!!!!” White chicks

What Items did I have?

one Tomtom Bandit HD camera (go pro style)

a laptop.

How much time a week to work on it?

60 ( Willpower and lack of sleep)

What Knowledge did I have?

Basic knowledge on blogging, video editing and knowledge about network marketing

What Free help did I have?



What paid help did I have?

Other things that could help?

Well i wasn’t shy and I could easily make myself the centre of the party being the clown

I wrote a book travel book

Access to the internet

Access to my tribe on a personal level

Why can’t others do it?
  • I try and rain personality on my work (This is hard at the start)
  • It takes a lot of time
  • It looks simple, lots of behind of seen stuff ( this give people hope they can do it easy … it’s not)
  • I always keep it fresh
  • I see things differently
  • Support from other half (a Team environment)
  • The fact teaming up helps me
Can i keep it going? yes
  • The hardiest thing to keep it going was to find time, work 40 a week and then work 60 on FSG.
  • I had a strong goal
  • great support
  • It is low budget
Do people want to see it? well your reading this
  • This is where my trail and error came in hard and still is
  • There is growth and growing excitement around my work each day
Who is your tribe?
  • Male 18-24 wanting to get out of the 9-5
  • People travelling (not the kind with lots of money,taking 1st class flights or travelling up mountains with survivalist kit)
Can I keep it fresh? Yes
  • Always having new ideas, and trying different thing out see what works
Do You enjoy it?

Yes, I love it

Thanks for reading

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