Don't go to the pub this new years

What To Do For New Years Eve Other Than Pubs

What To Do For New Years Eve Other Than Pubs

New years eve is the biggest and hyped up day of the year for anyone, But 9/10 times it actually sucks! You are probably reading this because you’re bored with the whole pubs and clubs being packed, Making pay to get in and altogether a bit of a poor experience. Lucky for you I have the perfect alternative to a night in a pub for new years eve.

The “house” party. I’m not talking about your house (because if that was an option you probably would be doing it) and I’m not talking about some project X type party I’m talking about a social gathering of friends somewhere for a cheap as possible. Because the only reason you are really celebrating new years is to have a great time with friends (or family).

How to plan the killer News Years Eve on a Budget!

One of the reasons your probably avoiding the pubs and the clubs scenes is because it getting ridiculously expensive. I will be giving you an alternative using my expertise as the Funny Backpacker. I will be looking at how you can the art of backpacking and travel to turn New Year’s Eve from money being pissed up a wall into memories!

Hosting your own Party in the Common Area of a hostel or in an Airbnb can be extremely cheap and fun!

Booking a house (or Hostel)

So for the same price as the entree to a pub on New Year’s Eve you can get a night or two in a house or a Hostel, drinks, games, food, night sleep and money left over.

After about 4 minutes of research on the internet I found this London sky bar New Years packages between £295 – £695 It does sound like a good night out but man it’s expensive (you haven’t got anywhere to stay on top on that). But it beats standing outside in the cold watching London’s fireworks.

New Years Fireworks

How to find the right hostel or house for New years!

Make sure you book 2 nights (New Year’s Eve, Night and New Years Day, Night) this will help with hangovers, tidying and packing.

You’re looking to drink alcohol still? Of course (if not F it use this plan too)

So you need to look accordingly.


Before I talk about hostels a lot of you will turn your nose up at them, because you don’t understand what they are really like (I was the same) If you have never stayed at one before check out this article Everything You Need To Know About Hostels (Backpackers) You can use it to help you decide if this is the right option for you and your friends.

When looking for a hostel look for places that have bars or allowing Alcohol communal area. You can phone up the hostel and ask what is there a policy on alcohol (if you can’t find it online) as some allow it some don’t and some only allow in-house alcohol.

The easiest place I find to book hostels is with hostelworld But going direct with hostels can be cheaper.

The next thing you want to do when booking a hostel for your group is to book the whole private dorm room if possible, It will be a lot better (but if not it’s not the worse thing). Doing this means the only people in your room is your friends so the party can carry on in the room. ( I mean chatting till early hours)

Houses (Airbnb)

A lot of people use Airbnb just to rent a single room in someone’s house. But Airbnb can be used to rent a whole house for a couple nights. Most of this house do not allow parties but a social gathering for the amount of people staying in the house is fine!

Look for a whole house with a good living area and maybe a good kitchen space. make sure there is enough beds and really your good to go!

You might need to look a little harder if your trying to book this close to new years as a lot of the good places would already been taken!

Make sure your away from the main fireworks of the country

  • If your in England Avoid London, go any another city or town
  • If your in Australia Avoid Sydney If your in NSW go to Newcastle or Wollongong ‘

This is the same for all Countries, This is because accommodation is expensive on New Years but around the main fireworks, They sky rocket (like my pun there?)

If you really want to watch the fireworks there be on the news at midnight!

You don’t need to go anywhere really, go somewhere as close or far away as you like the party is going to be in the accommodation so the 4 walls could even be down the road.

Getting drinks

So you know where your staying (Hostel or AirBnB) and you know the policy on alcohol. So the next step is to go alcohol for as cheap as possible. Here are some of my top tips for cheap alcohol

This is some help for people if they need it I have added this link due to the fact I used the Amazon affiliate link (so technically I am Promoting cheap beer)

Board games (or drinking games)

This is what can turn an average party into something a little more! Board games are not just for kids actually there brillant for adult only parties. It’s a great way to keep the party sociable and to keep people off there phones and snapchatting every moment and comparing who is having the best night!

Here is a list of games for Adult parties, these games are normally better with alcohol but it not a necessity. I have linked all these to amazon to save you time!

  • Uno, one of the nasty card games about (dam you give 4 cards)
  • What do you meme?, Welcome to the 21st century With this ADULT game
  • Cards Against Humanity, If you don’t know this card game it’s probably not for you
  • Monopoly Cheater Edition, Monopoly with adults can be fun but get this edition for a bit more fun
  • Drunkopoly, See above but for drinking!
  • Trunk of DrunkFor people who need ideas for drinking games like Beer Pong, Ring of Fire, Never Have I Ever and more


Snacks! You need a lot of them! Perfect snacks

  • Pizza ( Airbnb Only due to hostels not having ovens)
  • Chocolate
  • Sweets
  • Mixers for alcohol
  • Take out
  • Nuts
  • Burgers and buns


  • A party popper and bottle of bubbly is enough decorations

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve

Have a wonder New Years whatever you plan to do and have a wonderful New Year!

If you found this useful and you plan to do this with your friends make sure you share it when them! And have a look around the website!

Don’t forget to smash it!

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