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Need ideas for blogs, vlog or pictures?

Running out of ideas for blogs or social media?

Are you here looking for ideas for blogs? If the Answer is yes, carry on reading! If not, why your here you might as well check out the site!

Before I explain how to never run out of idea’s lets first work out why you have run out ideas.

Idea Board

Do you have a niche?

Why is this going to help give you ideas for blogs?

This is the most important thing you need, You don’t have one… People don’t have a reason to come back!

But with a niche comes ideas. One of the main people run out of ideas is the fact they have too many ideas blocking the good ideas.

An example of this is your a travel blogger but you haven’t got a niche… what your next blog;

  • About the town, you’re in
  • where you have been
  • how to help other bloggers
  • home food vs travel food

… all these are brilliant ideas for someone who has a niche because they would put their own spin it and build many ideas off these.

If your niche was funny;

  • (About the town your in) The best comedy clubs in town + copying statues around town
  • (where you have been) how you climbed a mountain in your underwear + funny stories from travel
  • (how to help other bloggers) how to help other bloggers, give a shit + How other bloggers suck, how you are the best and other people should take notes from you… Like best travel blog ever 
  • comparing English chocolate vs Australian chocolate 

Oh look a video:

So how to do find out what your niche is? Who would be able to help you which such a hard task… ME THAT’S WHO How to Find Your Niche For Blogs, Vlogs Or Pictures On Social media

How to think of new Ideas

So the best way of thinking of new ideas is not thinking of new ideas. ‘Oh well done Sean that help’s… NOT’

Ok let me go into details on 5 easy ways of getting new ideas

think outside the box

Or inside the box…

Adapt others ideas

This does not mean steal ideas. COPY and PASTE.

It means seeing an idea and thinking you can do better or doing it in your niche. For example, I’m sure this blog idea has been done before… But I’m using my own funny backpacker style, making stupid comments while trying to get helpful advice out.

If you are an Intelligence style blogger you may be able to write a blog but give some hard-hitting facts!

Research what is tending and adapt it!

You may have a Blog like Travel Blogging Struggles which cover all the struggles of blogs. Then you want to explain how to get and all these struggles.

If your not sure what I’m talking about check out the blog. Over the next couple of months, I will be making blogs that link to that blog.

Then you can link more from each of the blogs…  you never run out of ideas.

Use ideas from things around you

Sometimes the ideas are right in front of you. Just open your eyes. being a travel blogger you can talk about the accommodation you are in, the town (Welcome to Fremantle (Perth, WA, Australia), the state. The breakfast you ate, The transport you used… These ideas can be great for people that use their niche well.

Ask for them

Got a fan base? Ask them what they want to see or read.

Simple. You will get good content that fans want to see!

Re-hash ideas

Had a something that kicked off!

A great video or blog went mad, do another video or blog talking about the results.

or maybe make a part 2 on the blog/vlog.

Jimbo Shreds ways of coming up with ideas

Here Is a Different take on How to come up with ideas.

Thanks for reading!

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