What You need to Pack for OZ

What do I need for Farm Work In Australia

What do I need for Farm Work

So you have decided selling your soul of 88 days is worth another year in Australia! This is Nearly everything you will need for farm work in Australia.

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Farm work

These are not every item you will need and not everything you will need but here is a rough estimate, I will be giving Amazon Links as well as places in Australia to find the items. You Will also need strong willpower.

The things you need will change from farm to farm but this is a good base!

The list of items


 A lot of people think this isn’t a necessity but if you out in the sun for longer than a minute in Australia, You can burn, damage your skin or even get skin cancer. Don’t risk it! Pack the strongest you can find, you might want a tan but 88 days in direct sunlight isn’t good for anyone!

Find this in all chemist shops, Chemist Warehouse is my favorite.

long pants(trousers) 

Many reasons to choose long pants, rather than shorts;

  • sun protection
  • boot rub
  • stops dirty legs
  • getting bitten by snakes (Yes there is snakes in fields… Be careful, they are rare but there)
  • getting rubs off plants

Target and K-mart and good options for this!

Gumboots (wellies)

So many times while working on the farm I saw people covered in mud up to there ankles… Wear Gum Boots’

You will be trading get wet and muddy for getting hot.

Find these at Bunnings

Water and lots of it

A stupid one, pack water.

found at Coles or Woolworths

fly nets

These are a little trick we learned early on when it came down to our farm work … These are Gold!

Red Dot or Reject shop… Sometimes

fly spray

This will save your arse, You can get without, but why would you!

Chemist, Coles, Woolworths

rain jacket

Make sure you keep yourself dry

Target and K-mart good places to find a Cheap jacket

knee pads

Another golden gem I will share with you guys, is to save your back bending and get these!

Check Bunnings


Sometimes to supply them, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they’re not allowed but they save your hands from bee’s spiders and maybe snakes… But probably not they will still eat you!

Check target and K-mart


Get one with a brim around it and with string


Long t-shirt

You need a long T-Shirt for the same reasons as the trousers.

K-Mart and Target

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