How I plan to conquer Europe

My Plans When I’m Back In UK- How I Plan to Conquer Europe

The plans for late 2018-2019

My plans are a hard blog due to the fact unlike everywhere else we have traveled to in the last year, the game plan was simple. Find accommodation, find jobs, save money, Move on. We both (Taylor and Myself) had the same idea’s, both happy to move to the next place, we both moved on a traveled together.

This is where the UK is different, I plan to continue traveling and Taylor wants to stay home with her horses. If you want to read more on Taylor’s plans for late 2018 you can read it here.  

Of course, there are lots I want to do when I get home… But where is home now?

The 3 main problems for planning the future is time, money and the future of FSG Travels

map of europe

Arriving in England

When: This could be anytime between now to Christmas. This is so vague due to money and our desire to see more of this side of the world while we are here.

The plan: Depending on how close to Christmas we arrive, we will spend 2 weeks seeing family and friends. While searching and applying for jobs, homes and horse yards in Wales.

Personally, I do not want a job when arriving home. I am really hoping on pushing further on with FSG Travels and being able to spend 24-7 on this when home. There is a lot of big plans for FSG Travels in the next couple of months and it really depends on what happens. The more money, more time, better content.

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The Wales plan

For Taylor is just like the time we have planned to move on to a different place in Australia, with a couple move difficulties. Find a house, find a job and save money…Then comes the difficulties, Find a rental house in wales at accepts dogs near and yard and job. On top, this learned to drive and plan for our future.

I on the other will be going the same, minus the Job. Instead, plan where I am traveling in Europe and make more content for FSG Travels.

Why don’t you travel the UK?

Well, I have big plans the UK but it needs a bigger following. Around 20,000 on Instagram. If you haven’t already make sure you follow us on Instagram!

london bridge

How I plan to conquer Europe

Simple one flight or train or ferry at a time.

I would love to do a massive road trip around Europe but that would a lot of money upfront. We’re doing it in parts I will be only paying for a weekend or a couple of days at a time.

It’s going to nice to be like, ‘I have a couple of days to kill, where is cheap to fly to tomorrow’

By 2020 all 50 countries in Europe completed That’s the plan!

Countries in Europe I have flight or transport booked already


Germany – Jan

Ireland – Mar

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