Travel Motivation

Travel Motivation :My 3 favourite Motivational sayings

Travel Motivation

Do you need some travel motivation, well your in the right place! Here is my 3 favourite motivational travel saying and what they do for me.

It’s funny how a couple of saying that you probably hear before, can change your life if you live by them.

You must of heard of at least one of them.


“Dream it, Do It”

How many of you dream about going travelling, new job, new car, new house …etc

The answer is everyone!

Everyone is going after the next item, goal or lifestyle. But the difference is the people who get them, work towards them. It’s the do it part that people struggle with.

Is your life goal to have a amazing house in the countryside? And the way your working towards it by playing the lottery?…

Of course there is chance in this but it’s low… How much do you want it, how much you willing to give up for it. £1 a week? My thoughts is that you are not willing to risk it


“If you don’t take risks your never know what your capable of”

Less balance up the house in the countryside Vs what you have now… What are you willing to risk for it.

1hr a week working on a side hussle? I would say that’s similar to the £1 a week lottery tickets.

What are you really willing to give up for your dream, time, money, friends, that weekly TV series?

When you start working together your goal. You will have to choose between all these things at one point. It’s funny how some people get jealous about you trying to succeed without knowing it about themselves and how some people haven’t got the time for something that would help you so much.

But saying this you have people showing how kind they can really be and going above and beyond to help.

This leads me on nicely to


“Don’t ask, Don’t get”

When you truly use this, it’s like magic… It’s harder people to say no than yes. Only now I’ve actually started doing this, not in way that means it’s all take, take,take but in a way which helps both parties. If people asked for more we people would help each other more! For example how about collaborating with me ?


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