Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Monkey Forest Ubud – Are The Monkey Trained To Take Your Stuff

Monkey Forest Ubud

The reason I was worried about going to the Monkey forest was the fact I had it in my head all the monkeys were trained to take items. The funny thing was when leaving the monkey forest I saw an English couple that asked me that exact same question. Maybe I was expecting some Hangover 2 monkeys in this forest taking expensive items off the tourists to give to the locals. As strange as it sounds its a common thought with the warning about this forest. So it’s time for me to review the monkey forest and do some myth busting.

Elephant Temple Ubud Bali

They love all their  statues in the Monkey Temple


Basic Details:

Address: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

(Go down the road from the Ubud Market, down the hill.)

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali nr market

See this and keep walking

Opening times: 8:30 am -5:30 pm

Price: 50,000 IDR ($A5)

How big is the monkey forest?

The forest was bigger than I thought, But saying this, you could walk it in around 20 minutes. There was a temple within the monkey forest but it wasn’t accessible at the time of my journey.

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali Map

This shows you all the routes, some you would miss without the map

How many Monkeys are there and how dangerous are they?

The other thing I was worried about was the fact of the number of monkeys and if they would be roaming around. The last thing I would want to do is support animal cruelty tourism. Luckily the monkey looks like they have free roam around the whole forest and the reason why some come up the bits where the tourists can walk around is due to the food placed by the park rangers.

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

That monkey was trying to break that coconut the whole time I was there

The monkeys are known to wander off out of the forest and take things from the local shops too.

So how many monkeys will you see?

Well its hard to give you an expected number but I reckon I saw around 20-40 monkeys, Babies too. They didn’t seem too bothered about your presence there too!

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Baby and “Mother” (I’m not 100% about this.)

How dangerous are the monkeys and what do they steal off you?

As soon as you turn up you will see signs saying don’t stare at the monkeys’ eyes, Don’t carry food or drink and other warnings! This instantly puts you on edge and not sure if it is safe.

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali warning sign

Warning Signs

I spoke the person at the ticket booth before entering due to the fact I have read and heard stories about monkeys taking shiny objects as well as food. They reassured me as long as you don’t have food or drink you will be ok. So I walked in with my camera around my neck. I do believe people probably been attacked or had things stolen from them as I watched so tourists getting in the monkeys faces and giving them no personal space. People forget they are wild animals, Strong wild animals.

Is the monkey forest great for Instagram?

In other words, can you take great photos there? The answer to both of these questions is a straight forward yes! Apart from the monkeys, there is amazing scenery and statues to take brilliant photos of. If you have a keen eye. you can make some amazing photos!

Here are some substandard ones by me.

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali Monkey Forest Ubud Bali Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Let’s talk about the statues

Amazing Statues.

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Hear no Evil

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

See and Speak No Evil

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Do no A**l?

Well, the statues really make the Monkey forest special but that last statue just doesn’t fit in! If you are planning on going to the Monkey Forest try and find the last the statue, it will be like a game of finding the statue monkeys having licking fun. A great game for the whole family.

Overall rating

Visiting Bali? Visit the monkey forest, you can make a day of it if you add Ubud town and the market into the mix. Its worth just walking around and enjoying the sites. Just don’t get to close to the monkeys and carry in food and drink.

This place gets a 4 out 5 stars!

Thanks for reading

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