Things you will miss when traveling

10 Things You Will Miss When Traveling

10 Things You Will Miss About Home When Traveling!

Most people go traveling because they are bored with there home and they really fancy a change! Strange how quickly many people become homesick and start missing the little stuff. I Originally wrote this Article as 10 things I miss about home, But I thought I would expand on it so others can relate to it and not think they have made the wrong decision.

Here is that message of reassurance for you guys that are looking for it, “It’s natural to miss home, and even find a new found love for your home”

Before I get too soppy, let’s move on the 10 things that you’re probably going to miss when your traveling.

10. Weather

This may sound like a sick joke to the people of England and other places like that. But when you are traveling these lovely hot countries where you can walk down the beach on a sunny day in the winter. It can actually get a bit much, You would trade it all for a cozy fireplace on a rainy day!

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9. Places

Travel can be amazing seeing some lovely sites, but things can get very samey very quickly. This makes you want the things you don’t have.

Let me give a couple of examples of this;

  • Coastal places – You will miss the shops
  • Cities – You will miss the quite
  • New built up places- You will miss the history
  • Historic places – You will want to get to the modern world
  • Countrysides- You miss your phone and Wifi
  • Cheap Places – You will miss a good quilty home cooked meal
  • Expensive places – You will miss earning money
  • Traveling to new places – You will miss owning big appliances

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8.The cost of travel

You will start to miss the fact that your money seems to be going quickly one way, that being down not the other way you are used to before you started to travel). I don’t think you will miss work as an act but you will definitely start to want to start earning more money.



7. Reliability 

Reliability is not just the fact you don’t know when you’re going to be at work next. Its the fact you don’t know where you are going to be, You don’t know where others are going to be. That thrill of freedom will start to disappear and you will end up trying to settle down in a place or a job, then you will get bored, give up and the cycle will start again.

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You arrive somewhere and everything is amazing! The slowly after time you stop trying new things and start craving some of your old favorites but you will notice they don’t have the nostalgic value and taste. Let me give you a couple of examples foods miss from home (England) I was eating in Australia.

brown potato in front of french fries


When traveling Wifi Isn’t like at home, you will have to use what you can. You might find good wifi in a cafe but, you can’t skype home there. When you get back to your peaceful hostel the Wifi bearly connects. This is nearly the case 95% of the time. Don’t get me started on 4g and other mobile internets when traveling!

Social media comes a thing of the past, you only go on it to upload a picture once a month (due to the fact it takes a month to upload) But somehow when traveling you will find time to visit for you lately reviews and tips.

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You expect the nightlife when traveling to be extreme but, travelers can’t afford to party. Or you find the guys that party every night and don’t do anything else. Either way, you will miss the most the quiet night down the pub with your close friends at home. These conversations are not about where you have been and where you are going and more about aliens, conspiracies and just chatting shit.

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3. Places that have been and gone 

You are traveling, most think you just miss home, but you actually miss the places you have visited and had that amazing experience at, For example for me it was the time I worked at the Cringila pub. (The Cringila Hotel -How Working In A Titty Bar Changed My Life!) You will find places and people on your own travels, that means a lot to you too.


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2. Music (Radio)   

Another strange one on this list, Music.

Music is life in England and you probably don’t even know it. you go work in your car listen to the radio, at work then when your out all the Pubs and Clubs have the Fresh new songs! But when you travel you seem to listen to your own music, radio stations become useless with iPods and what not. You seem to not hear any new songs.

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1.Family and friends 

I have to put this on the list, Everyone will feel a little homesick from time to time Especially around the Christmas Period. (Want advice for this click here) But when I say, friends and Family, there is more than missing the general company so sometimes you can go days without a meaningful conversation and that is hard for the best of travelers. I personally found it most difficult during times on my travels that you are in a non-English speaking country and the most you will talk to someone is to order some food.

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Thanks for reading

I really hope you found this article helpful, I have more helpful articles all over the page from a range of different country and general tips. But if you want to know a little bit more about me and what I am trying to achieve by writing and helping others then make sure you check out my epic challenge of The Travel Journey: Fastest Time To Visit All Sovereign Countries

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