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Ludwig Museum Review – What Is With Contemporary Art?

Ludwig Museum – Review

You know when you accidentally walk into a contemporary art museum and you try and work out where your life went wrong to bring you there. Well, This happened to me, After going to the closest museum after a bit of rain in Cologne, I ended up in the Ludwig Museum.

Before I carry on, I must stress this is my own personal opinions and I know others will disagree with everything I say. I don’t want to put you off going to the Ludwig Museum. But not being a fan of contemporary art, also having little knowledge of art, this is my thoughts.

Basic Details:

Cost:  11 Euros

Address: Heinrich-Böll-Platz, 50667 Köln, Germany

Ludwig Museum - contemporary art

Cracking pair of artwork

Seeing a different side of Ludwig Museum

Being in this museum I was more interested in the people in the museum than the art itself. Strangely enough, it seemed they were of me too. This was probably because I was taking photos of “weird” things in the museum like empty rooms and any naked pictures  You probably want to see some of these photos that others are too scared to take (don’t worry I will be showing you as I want to show a side of the Ludwig Museum that others don’t show.)

The “Basic” Artwork

The Museum was full of a lot of people who seemed really into the artwork, I couldn’t understand why. Here is a perfect example.

Museum Ludwig Cologne

These pictures are nearly all black…

This guy seems to be really interested in these pictures, I couldn’t understand why. I looked at them and didn’t think why did this guy paint this photo, more the fact the guy made so sweet money for these “basic” paintings!

Museum Ludwig Cologne

Near to blank pictures

Museum Ludwig Cologne

Glass panels

I could spend ages posting pictures of artwork that fits this category. The best thing about this artwork is the fact it gives me hope! Hope that anyone can make in anything they do, It not about the actual work but more about how you sell it. This could be a perfect time to push my new website, Where I promote and help creators and talent.

Work in progress

The Ludwig Museum was being renovated and had an empty room during my visit. I wouldn’t mind if I hadn’t paid 11 euros.

Museum Ludwig Cologne

An empty room, I thought it was part of the artwork at a 1st glance

Museum Ludwig Cologne


On top of this, all the rooms were very minimalist, I get this was the style of the Museum but I felt cheated, with the size of the place.

Is this place a toilet?

Ok, I know it’s strange to take pictures and review toilets but, I was expecting them to be state of art… (see the pun there, want more Adult German Puns )

This toilet was a terrible state, not something you would expect, from a such a “posh” building

Museum Ludwig Cologne Toilet

Paper all over the floor, small bathroom

Museum Ludwig Cologne Toilet

Someone missed

Museum Ludwig Cologne Toilet

More Artwork?

I would love someone from the Museum Ludwig, to read this article and clean up the toilets. Let me know If you been there lately and what the place was like!

How did I amuse myself in this Museum?

Well, keeping yourself busy reading about the artwork bored me very quickly so I decided to do what I love doing. I love to make parody photos for my Instagram, This Museum is the best place I found!

Museum Ludwig Cologne

Your face when you walk into the Museum Ludwig Cologne

Museum Ludwig Cologne

3 year old: Is this where milk comes from

Museum Ludwig Cologne

When You need a piss in the night but you have to walk downstairs

Museum Ludwig Cologne

No one is home

If you want to see more of my fantastic travel parodies and funny captions check out my Instagram FSGTravels

My overall thoughts on the Museum Ludwig, Cologne

As I said I really didn’t enjoy most of my time at the Museum Ludwig but saying this there were things I did enjoy like the surrealism art and a couple of other art pieces but overall I most enjoyed the exit. Would I recommend this place for people going to Cologne, not really! I would give this Museum 1.5 out of 5.

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