Best Place To Get Your Padlock For The Love Lock Bridge Cologne (Köln)

The Love Lock Bridge Cologne, Where to get padlocks from?

Love is in the air, and padlocks on a bridge. If your planning on going to Cologne (Köln) or currently there you probably have heard about the wonderful Love Lock Bridge in Cologne which crosses the river Rhine. Which has thousands of padlocks on and is growing each day!

In this article, I will be explaining how you can join the couples who already have taken part in this romantic ritual. I tell you the cost, where to get the padlock (with engravement), Where the bridge is and show you some pictures of this bridge!

Basic Details:

Name of the bridge: The Hohenzollern Bridge

Length of bridge: 409.19 meters

The arrival of padlocks:  2008

Amount of Padlocks: Over 40,000

Location of the bridge: Next to Cologne central station (HBF Cologne)

Love Lock Bridge  Cologne (Köln)
Packed with Padlocks from start to finish

Is there room for any more padlocks?

There is still a couple of spaces left to attach it to the actual bridge further down the bridge (away from the Central Station). But you could always do what everyone else seems to be doing … Attach it on to another padlock. This keeps the bridge looking fresh.

Love Lock Bridge  Cologne (Köln)

Where can you buy your padlock with engraving?

The answer is super simple! Souvenir shops. When I was looking for these padlocks I totally forgot souvenir shops.

Love Lock Bridge  Cologne (Köln)
Love Lock Bridge  Cologne (Köln)

As you see in the shops there is a massive range of padlocks like there are on the bridge! All of them have different prices, but I did a bit of a cost analysis you guys and you would be looking at around 20-25 euros for the padlock and its engraving. The prices on the padlocks in the shops don’t include engraving.

So where are the souvenir shops?

Just head to the Cathedral, there are many shops around there!

Can I attach a padlock even if I am not in love?

There is not a rule that you have to be in a couple to place a padlock.

Love Lock Bridge  Cologne (Köln)

I’m pretty sure Harry Styles weren’t there, graffiti his name on the wall! So you can put your initials on a padlock with Justin Bieber if you really want to! If your traveling solo and have a loved one at home, you could always leave your padlock and send them a picture of it.

Thanks for reading!

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