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Living 24/7 with your other half! – Travel and Working Tips

Traveling and working with your Partner

Have you ever said to your partner “I love you BUT I would never be able to work with you”? This is a massive problem when traveling together, As you live in each other pockets. I said constantly, Then we worked together one day a week and lived together.”Glad I don’t work more one day with you” then we went traveling!

Sean Brett and Taylor MacKee

We were warned before we headed off to Australia. “You know a lot of couples break up when they travel” This wasn’t a lie, people are shocked when we explain we headed off together and traveled the whole south coast of Australia.

It hasn’t always been fun, especially when we are tired, But having someone to travel with is great. It’s us Vs the world literally. We have now worked 5 Jobs together and haven’t spent a day apart in over a year! Just writing this Stats down it sounds crazy but we do complement each other nicely especially when it comes down to F.S.G, Taylor does a lot of things I can’t or would take me ages, She is behind the scenes, she even gives me a couple of jokes from behind the camera, which I repeat (shocking). So it is possible to spend 24/7 with your partner AND IT’S AMAZING!

My Tips for staying sane with working together

  1. The other person needs space (make sure you give each other space)
  2. Its You’s Vs The Problem
  3. Talk about what is stressing you out
  4. Have an end Goal or a Travel Plan, Talk about these plans regularly
  5. Even though you spend 24/7 with each other remember you need your couple time
  6. Work together on something in your free time rather than working apart and getting under each person’s toes
  7. Stay in hostels (share rooms) for little amount time as possible
  8. Understand the person’s role at work (If they are your manager deal with it professionally)
  9. Include them in things, you may be their only friend.
  10. Allow them to do things, You don’t like. You don’t want to hold them back

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Working with your other half! (From Taylor’s Side)

The thought of us working together!

I certainly didn’t see myself working 5 jobs with Sean when I got with him! We always joked that we can live together but never work together. We were wrong.

fighting couple

What we thought it would be like.

The first job

So you could say it all started before we even got to Australia. I worked on an eventing yard as a live-in groom and as I was about 2 hours away from Sean at that point it didn’t take him long to move in. Rather than pay rent, the deal was that he would help out once a week on a Sunday. He was basically a handyman. He helped muck out all the horses that were friendly/quiet of a morning and then got delegated other tasks throughout the day.

It was a really stressful environment so we argued quite a lot but thankfully that was only one day a week. An added bonus was he learned how to drive a 4×4, tow a trailer and harrow fields. He is well trained for when we have our own horses at home and maintenance work needs doing!

Horse JUmping

How cute is this horse!

Round two

So when we initially got to Australia we went on different exploits. Sean got a door to door sales job and hated it. I went off and got my own job working with HelloFresh. Once he quit that job he did odd jobs with his friend Sean Two and on one occasion responded to an ad on Gumtree for someone wanting a labourer!

Whilst on a gardening job with Sean Two, the guys wife came out and asked the Sean’s if they had their RSA. They did, and they both got work down at Cringila Pub. We moved down to the pub shortly after and when Sean Two left to go back to England I offered to work in the pub in his place. Once the pub was bought by a big chain company Sean and I were kept on and we were working together most days of the week.

We got on really well at the pub as both of us were brand new to working behind a bar. So theoretically there was nothing to argue about! Plus we were never on the same side of the bar or identical shifts so while we were together basically 24/7 there was no pressure.

If you want to know more about working in Cringila, Check out this blog.

Cringila Pub

The bar we both worked at!

Third time lucky

Once our allowed 6 months were up in the pub we moved on to Albany, which was on the other side of the country! We turned up after over a weeks driving, settled in and then the next day we were driven down to the strawberry farm. The two of us went to the reception, spoke to the owner and got jobs to start on boxing day. We were mainly working together in the fields to begin with. We usually would share the same row. After about a month or so Sean got promoted to runner in the warehouse and I became a full time packer.

This meant he stayed out picking whereas after the first break I went in to make a start on packing the fruit up. Again this was just a no pressure job. It was early starts and sometimes long days but we both made quite good money there due to our promotions.

88 days, Farming in Australia

This is a video about our time on the farm. It was extremely hard work.But fun.

The Fourth

Once our 88 days continuous farm work was up we set off to Gingin. We had made some friends from Taiwan whilst we were at the farm and the work there was dying off due to the end in season approaching. They had interviews arranged at another farm so after a couple days thought we decided we would meet them in Gingin and arrange our own interview.

We never spent too many hours at the farm itself as there were too many workers there for the number of raspberries that they were growing. So we would usually do a row each, pack at the table together that we had set up and then after about four hours work our area was complete and we would go home.

It didn’t take long for us to get bored of the stupid stuff that went on there due to the management and we left after about a month.

Australia Share House From Hell

This is a video on what the house was like! just a heads up…It was shit!

Last Place We Worked Together….For Now

Before handing our notice in at Gingin we spent a little while looking for jobs in Perth. I saw that HelloFresh were advertising and having worked with a great team in Sydney we applied there. We got invited for an interview and left Gingin ready to attend the interview the next morning. I was quite excited about the prospect of working for HelloFresh again as they had only been live in Perth for three months at that point.

It was a lot different to Sydney though. The people in Perth and the surrounding suburbs really didn’t want to know when they saw us at the door. The team leaders were mostly useless and so was the guy running the office. He claimed to have all this knowledge to give people from years he spent doing door to door sales but he actually barely did anything for us. Constantly promised barbeques etc and then would move the goal post at literally the last minute.

Sean and I went to the same areas together every day and often met up and did our streets together and it was so rubbish. He quit and I followed suit two days later at his urging and we then stayed in Perth City YHA together where I cleaned the kitchens at night time. Then not long after that, we moved to Fremantle YHA where we have been ever since.

Update: Since Getting home we still work together!

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