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Living 24/7 with your other half! – Travelling Together Tips

Working with your other half

Have you ever said to your partner “I love you BUT i would never be able to work with you”? This is a massive problem when travelling together, As you live in each other pockets.

Sean Brett and Taylor MacKee

My story

I said constantly, Then we worked together one day a week and lived together.”Glad I don’t work more one day with you” then we went travelling!

We was warned before we headed off to Australia. “you Know a lot of couple break up when they travel” This wasn’t a lie, people are shocked when we explain we headed off together and travelled the whole south coast of Australia.

It hasn’t always been fun, especially when we are tired, But having someone to travel with is great. It’s us Vs the world literally. We have now worked 5 Jobs together and haven’t spent a day apart in over a year! Just writing this Stats down it sounds crazy but we do complement each other nicely especially when it comes down to F.S.G, Taylor does a lot of things I can’t or would take me ages, She is behind the scenes, she even gives me a couple jokes from behind the camera, which I repeat (shocking).

So it is possible to spend 24/7 with your partner AND IT’S AMAZING!

Taylor also wrote a blog going in to more details on this here Taylor’s thoughts on working 5 jobs with Sean


My Tips

  1. The other person needs space
  2. Its You’s Vs The Problem
  3. Talk about what is stressing you out
  4. Have a end Goal or a Travel Plan, Talk about these plans regularly
  5. Even though you spend 24/7 with each other remember you need your couple time
  6. Work together on something in your free time rather than working apart and getting under each persons toes
  7. Stay in hostels (share rooms) for little amount time as possible
  8. Understand the persons role at work (If they are your manager deal with it professionally)
  9. Include them in things, you may be theIR only friend.
  10. Allow them to do things , You don’t like. You don’t want to hold them back


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