Travel review : Fremantle little creature

Little Creatures Fremantle

Our Visit to Little Creatures Fremantle

We headed Down to Little Creatures in Fremantle and this is our Thoughts.

Little creatures website

The Brewery and Bars

on our visit we visited The Great hall, Which was massive and has such a cool aspect with brewing tanks giving the Hall a special Atmosphere. This theme ran around the whole building including the BrewHouse. The Building has some really fun signs around the place which makes it look trendy and very different from the standard pub.

Pictures of Little Creatures

Little Creatures Fremantle Beer TastingLittle Creatures Fremantle Beer sign


While We Were at Little Creature We Taste Tested the Beer

So we tried all the 9 beers available (1 Cider) on there tasting trays which costed ten Dollars which I thought was very good value, the Tray itself added up to the same volume as a pint, We also got a list of beers and list of what flavours was in the beer.


My Beers and Cider Rankings

White Rabbit Dark Ale 8
Pale Ale 8
Rooger’s Beer 8
Pipsqueak Apple Cider 7
India Pale Ale 7
Dog Days Session Ale 7
Elsie WA Ale 7
Bright Ale 6
Orginal Pilsner 5
The Fuggle is Real Stout 3

While There We Filmed

We filmed me taste testing the Beers and some of the building and had a real good laugh, If you would like to watch it check it out below.


Would we go back?

Of course, I really want to spend more time down there and try out some of there Pizzas that iv heard such amazing things about!

plus since writing this blog Taylor now works there so be sure too look out for taylor’s thoughts.

Thank you for reading!

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