How To Tell Your Boss You’re Leaving To Travel

How To Tell Your Boss You're Leaving To Travel

Quitting your job to travel? Best ways to say, I Quit!

You are planning to leave to travel the world for 30 years or maybe it’s just for a few months, either way, you need to tell your boss or company you are leaving. This is one of the hardest things you have to do when traveling but yet everyone forgets how hard it was as soon as they are at the airport.

In this article

  • I will give you ways to prepare yourself mentally
  • Decide the best way to quit your job
  • Give you an awesome resignation template
  • Give you some real-life examples of how to quit a job to travel
  • Some fun ways to quit your job
Quit your job and travel

How to prepare yourself to say I QUIT!

The nerves of quitting your job can be really bad for some. So bad that it can actually stop you from leaving. I guess if you are reading this then you probably are a little scared about having “the chat”. Well, the funny thing is in a couple of weeks or months you probably won’t care one bit about your old job.

If you are worried about it then the best thing you can do is have a plan, You need a Resignation letter, need to know the best way to quit, how much notice you need to give, the best way of even giving in your notice.

The main thing you need to think about now is do you want this job back? or do you just want it back as a safety net? or couldn’t care one bit about the job as its just an income. The funny thing is the likelihood is the fact you don’t want this job back as your leaving for a reason but the safety net would be nice. Traveling doesn’t have a safety net and once you learn to let go, you will feel free.

Once you have your plan in place, stick to it, don’t put it off.  Tell your self why you are going!

How to decide the best way to quit your job

6-month notice technique

Are you good friends with your boss? Are you hard to replace? Is your Boss a good person? Will, they let you help find your replacement? Do you have contracted hours?

If this is yes to all 5 of these then this might be the Technique for you.

What you need to do is

Let them know your thinking about traveling and keep hinting how you really want to go but you don’t want to leave them in the shit. Talk it through then one day come in a give them the I’m booking a flight for this month speech, book the flight. But don’t give in your Resignation letter until as late as possible. this way they know you’re leaving but technically you still contractually Employed … win, win.

Negatives of this method

If your boss wants to be an arse he might push you out to get the new person in as soon as possible.

Likelihood of getting your job after traveling (rating based on other methods only)


Busy boss technique

Does your boss not check their mail? Does your boss tell you to put things in their pigeon hole but never check it? Or something similar?

if yes to one of these, then this could be the method for you.

What you need to do is

Wait until the last day and even latest time on that day to drop off a letter of resignation and hide it in plain sight. You could even post it to your work, or even send it to head office.

Negatives of this method

Your boss might read the letter at any time, this will put you on edge. Also, there is a chance the boss won’t read the letter before you go and you will have a very strange last day.

Likelihood of getting your job back after traveling (rating based on other methods only)


The rumor technique

are you scared to talk to your boss? Is there a gossip circle? Can you be sure someone will grass you to the boss?

If yes to all 3 then this might be a good idea for you!

What you need to do is

Tell the circle that you are quitting your job and going traveling, wait then your boss will ask you then you can say, I was going to tell you, here’s the letter of resignation

Negatives of this method

Your boss could get annoyed and think you weren’t going to tell them

Likelihood of getting your job back after traveling (rating based on other methods only)


The contact technique

Are you to the book?

This one can work for everyone

What you need to do is

Give the right amount of notice, talk to your boss and quit on the right day.

Negatives of this method

they could replace you or make it hard for you on your last couple of weeks

Likelihood of getting your job back after traveling (rating based on other methods only)


The hidden notice period technique

Do you have holiday days left?  in a zero hour contract? Scared they will replace you as soon as you give in the letter?

If all is true. This one could be your only route

What you need to do is

When booking flights, book off holiday from work like your just going on holiday not traveling.  ( The time your “fake holiday” is for is your notice resignation period stated on your contract. For example, if you have to give one week notice you book one week holiday)

This means just before you leave, you give them your resignation letter which the end date will be the last date of your holiday. meaning you have given the right amount of time and yet not have to work. The bonus for this is you could be technically employed for the 1st part of your traveling and still having money coming in (if you get paid holiday)

Negatives of this method

You are sure to pee off your boss. because you gave them an hours notice, Also no leaving party.

Likelihood of getting your job back after traveling (rating based on other methods only)


Don’t give notice technique

Do you give no fucks?

Ok, this is perfect.

What you need to do is

Don’t turn up for work

Negatives of this method

You annoy everyone, break your contract and might owe money.

Likelihood of getting your job back after  traveling (rating based on other methods only)


An Awesome Resignation letter template

People really do overthink these letters. It’s a simple letter, you need to formally tell them you quit. This letter isn’t saying how much you are going to miss everyone and everything like this. It’s for the company proof that you quit of your own accord and wasn’t wrongly pushed out of the company. This is a letter for legal standpoint and that is all you have to do (And all you should do).

I have this saved on my computer at all times so I can change it accordingly whenever I need it

(Date here) 

To whom this may concern, (Add boss’ name if you want or leave it how it is)

I regret that I must inform you that I have found employment elsewhere.

Please take this as my notice of (add time stated in the contract) (which makes my last working day (write the date of your last day)).

Please ensure to include my accrued holiday hours in my final payslip, which as of today (add holiday hours or days)

Kind regards,

(sign after printing)

(add name )

There you go, simple and to the point. you can copy and paste the letter above to use, free of charge… I’m good like that.

Real-life examples


I personally used the 6-month notice technique when leaving my job as a dental technician this was due to the fact I had a good working relationship with my boss. It was just me and him there and It wasn’t fair to him to leave him in the weeds. He was very understanding and supportive of my decision. It played out perfectly my replacement started on the day was on the plane.

My Litte Brother:

Don’t give notice technique: Worked up in London in a big company. one day decided not to go home but to go to Australia, phoned his boss at the airport… they weren’t happy, something like he had to pay them back for travel expenses that he owed them, they were happy to threaten court over it.

My Friend:

The rumor technique: Decided to write his Resignation letter on Facebook, saying how he was going to miss all of he’s colleges but not the managers the brown nosing pieces of shit. Let’s just say the rumor method worked well he didn’t have to tell them he quit and he told and he didn’t have to work his notice.


The contact technique which turned into the 6-month notice technique and then finally turned into The hidden notice period technique. Not all quitting your job is simple, I personally understand that. When Taylor worked at her job and gave in the notice, her boss was in tears so she agreed to stay on until they found her replacement. Which sounds like a nice thing to do but personally I found Taylor’s boss very controlling and do anything to get there way. We were also both staying on site which also makes leaving a job more difficult. They were very mean beforehand that’s why Taylor wanted to leave to go traveling.

Once Taylor had agreed to stay on until they had found someone. They felt they had all the time in the world and constantly treated Taylor like shit. So after working 2 weeks over her notice period, one night (payday) we packed everything up in our car and went never to return.

She didn’t want the job back so this was fine.

Fun ways to quit your job

  • Put a Resignation letter on your boss’ desk but don’t put your name on it.
  • Do a little mistake wait until you get told, off and reply with I QUIT!!!
  • Wait until things get busy, then walkout
  • Turn up in normal clothes and when someone asks why you are in normal clothes, say you don’t work here
  • Have a go with the boss’ partner
  • Tell your Boss to do one
  • Take a picture of you on the plane and caption it bye
  • Send them a postcard
  • write a review on their facebook page, but include your resignation letter
  • Send in 30 different resignation letters with all different employees names on them.

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