Just an idea, Now a travel blog

This could of been just an idea – This could been a failure!

That one Idea

You’re probably sitting there…

Reading this blog… Thinking I have an idea.

You probably had the idea for a long time.

But you haven’t done anything because it will take a lot of work… and you haven’t got time.

Well, weeks, months and years will pass and it will only be an idea still.

The idea of going traveling, the idea of quitting your job or the idea of writing that book…Etc

Won’t get easier to do, life doesn’t give you help unless you help yourself.

Good Idea

2nd October 2017

My idea, to write a travel book to inspire other people to go traveling.


23rd of December 2017

This idea was a reality, Backpacks To Beer Taps was complete. after putting in 60 hours a week writing the book and Taylor doing the same… This was around a 60 hour work week.


25th of December 2017

The book was released

It has sold less than 20 copies most brought by myself (@15:30 on the 28/08/18)


Was the idea a failure?

No. The book currently is looking like a failure. With the time spent writing, getting covers designed, cost of promotion. This would look like a massive loss and it would have been if I have given up.

I’m not saying if you have an idea put everything into it, it will just work. If I just kept promoting the book the same way I had been the 1st month of being released, I wouldn’t be writing this now.

The key to failure is adapting, more failing and more growth and more learning.


What happened next?

I wrote some short Ebooks, No one brought them. Failed. started writing blogs. Then,

Started YouTubing, No watched. Failed. Improved my YouTubing Then,

Made a Parody photo, built an audience, Success. Made more. Then,

Blogs weren’t getting an audience, Failed .built my own website! Then,

Started working with others. Success. Tried to do this more. Then…


Where has a simple idea got me?

Here! Author of one book and 2 different Ebook. Founder of FSG Travels, which has a following of over 9000 people and growing!. A sense of purpose for the future and goal for life.

One year on, I could be the guy at the start of the blog. sitting there going… I wish I wrote that book… Probably wouldn’t have worked. I could have given up on the book after it never sold.


Get your finger out!

Don’t be that guy, get started working at that idea… see where it goes.

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