Use Travel to get you a job back home

How To Use Travel To Get You A Job Back Home

How To Use Travel To Get You A Job Back Home

One reason people worry about travel is the fact that they will not be able to find work, job or money when you get home. But don’t worry your sweet cheeks, The funny backpacker has some killer tips to make your opportunities for money when getting back home, larger than they are now!

You may be in a career, dead-end job or just struggling to get by. Each of these tips will help you build a life back home. These tips are perfect for travelers on a working holiday visa, but any sort of long-term travel will be able to benefit from this article.

The question you might be asking yourself is why should I listen to you. Well before traveling being a dental technician was the only thing I knew how to do. Now I can; Manage a bar, work in a reception, Hostel night supervisor, work on a field, basic sales, build a website, work as a barista, Blog and write Articles and go back to being a dental technician. Travel has opened my options back home, I will explain how you can use travel to do the same for you.

Try something new

Travel is all about learning new things. Why stop with just the experiences of travel? Use your time to learn and try new jobs. If you’re on a working holiday visa, this could be the best time to try out that bar job on the beach you always thought you would be good at. Yes, you might hate it, But you might find doing this brings a new meaning to your old office job.

Use travel to experience different job sectors, You can from healthcare to Hospitality to Business to Agricultural. Find the perfect job type you might find you’re a people person after all the time sat in an office or hate people like most that try hospitality and retail.

This is the best time to try these things because no one will judge your choices when you travel. Always wondered what it’s like working in McDonald’s… try it out.


Learn new skills in your time

When I traveled I was started to get a fascination to how they made coffee art, Strange right? So I booked myself on a day course in Sydney… Because why not! Yes going on a simple course didn’t make me the best barista in the world, but with my practice making coffee whilst working in a bar, I’m happy to say I could work in a coffee shop back home in England. Who else would have Coffee basic and Coffee art school at the  Sydney Barista School on their CV (resumé)? I’m not saying it would give a million dollar paycheck month but doing one simple course has opened up my options.

Look at trying to go on courses to improve your skills while traveling, This can give a new work of doing something as well as build up a killer CV! You won’t have to worry about the Gap on your CV too.

Equculaté coffee

My Coffee Art: Ok This might not get me a job granted


Learn and try new hobbies

You might think learning to surf in Australia might be just a fun thing to do. This actually can help to build a life back home too. A hobby can turn into a business or job super easy. You might be just learning to surf in Sydney and the next thing you know you running a surf shop in Cornwall England. Yes this might not always be the case but it just adds more to the about you section to your CV

Become Artistic

You might have always had a flair for writing, singing dancing…etc. But never had enough time or confidence to really work on this talent. Travel can really bring this out, Due to travel is all about time and relaxing with is the best time to flex out them creative muscles.

Here are a few examples;

  •  Playing the guitar, you can start gigging due to your new found “no one knows me” confidence.
  • Start that blog that your friends back home would call you a blogging w***er over.
  • Realizes that you have a passion for the art of belly dancing.
  • Become the nude model that you dreamed about doing, due to the fact you won’t bump in the family or friends

Once you have started doing these new hobbies, once you get home you will still have the confidence to continue due to the fact it’s no longer scary and new!

(If you do have an artist skill or you are a creator, Check out my new site where I help creators for free, get seen)

Stick man

This is my art from one youtube videos

Go back to your old job

This is one of the things that scares a lot of people when traveling. “I’m in a great job, what happens if I leave and they won’t give m job back

I had this exact thought. Turns out when I brought up the idea of traveling to my boss. He said, “You’re always welcome back“. If you work at a good workplace and are a valid member of staff you will get the same response.

But I understand this isn’t always the case. Maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe it’s a large company and they will just replace you. Even are these are the case;

  • This job might not be the job of your dreams! When you try out new jobs you might find out you enjoy something else more.
  • Go on courses related to your job while traveling, see how other countries do your job, Gain more expertise… Get your job back.
  • Think about what you will regret more, losing your job or never going traveling!

Thanks for reading

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