Travel Photographer Interview

Interview With Daniele Calabrese – Italian Travel Photographer

Daniele Calabrese: Italian Photographer, Travel Photographer

What is your name?

“Daniele Calabrese”


Which country are you from?

“Southern Italy, Reggio Calabria is my city”


What are your passions?

“Riding motorcycle and travelling on it”


Where is your favorite place in the world?

‘I particularly love the Sicily region and his cities, especially Syracuse and it’s suburbs Ortigia Island.”


Which is your favorite picture you have taken?

“I don’t have one, because I’m always in search of the perfect picture to take. I love some photos for same period and then I restart to search for something better. I have taken many pictures in my life and some are special because of memory that it give me.”


Where have you traveled to?

“All the southern Italy, I lived and studiend in the north (Milan, and Turin), I visited Spain, Malta and I lived in Egypt (in Marsa Alam) for some months”


What is your favorite thing about Australia?

“many things! It is a great place for living and it has a great weather. There are a lot of great places to visit, beautiful national park and other nature places. It is so big that probably you need to spend all your life for see all!

 I particularly love the company of Australians, are very friendly and polite.”


What is the worse thing about Australia?

“I miss historic place, Australia is a new country and it is difficult to found something very old like a castle or an old village.”


What is your favorite motorbike?

“I particularly love the Triumph, especially the Bonneville!  it is amazing, very elegant, and well built, It has his own style!”


Where do you want to travel to next?

“China or India will be the next, Cuba then.  When you start to travel you can’t stop!”



To see more amazing work from Daniele Calabrese check out his social media below.


Daniele Calabrese Facebook Page

Daniele Calabrese Instagram


Or watch this video interview with him taking some photos around Fremantle, Australia


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