Instant success sucks

You Shouldn’t Want Instant Success For Your Blog Or Life

You Shouldn’t Want Instant Success

I’m sitting here, thinking to myself “why am I not successful yet?”. Just like millions of people are. The thought of Instant success keeps a lot of people doing nothing, but checking likes, shares and altogether just refreshing pages! Making a viral video, blog or anything like that is the norm nowadays and its taught as the way of making it. “Get success in ten simple steps” and all this instant success bull.

We look at people that are successful and their path of success and all we see if the last process that worked and nothing else. We forget about their struggles, their failures and the fact the path they took wasn’t even a path when they were looking for success!

Instant Success Sucks

If you could get instant success… Everyone would have it

If instant success was easy to get, everyone would have it. Don’t have to work for it, learn for it or do anything tricky everyone would do it, Just like the lottery. Even with the lottery if everyone won you would get back less than you even put in.

So let’s say instant success is easy and everyone can get it, If it’s easy you then it is the same for everyone, right?

Everyone getting there 30 minutes of fame

Less pretend instant success was as easy and everyone could have it for even amount of time! As success is defined as something different depending on the purpose, but for argument’s sake let’s define success as “Fame: Everyone knows you. Money: As much as you can spend. Power: Total control” It would be impossible for everyone to have this so let’s work out how long everyone in the world would get

7.53 billion people and life expectancy of 72.04 years ‎(26294.6 days)

After a little bit of maths… If everyone was able to get instant success, everyone would be successful for around 1/3 of a second not really 30 minutes of fame! You wouldn’t get much done in 1/3rd of a second!

The 1st reason you shouldn’t want instant success! That if it was that amazing and easy you would only get a third of a second!

The Belief of instant success is making it harder for people to become successful

More people are now working as self-employed, trying to become the next thing on the internet or wanting to be an entrepreneur in general. Due to the fact they want more for their lives which I totally support. But it’s the people that see others become successful think it is easy and try and to the same. I have problem with them and more to the importantly the people telling them it’s easy!

Everyone is after instant success… (Doorway is full. Go a different path)

With the belief of easy money or instant success is making harder for the ones actually trying to to make it! The people putting in time, effort and learning more are being guided by people that studied a path and learned everything about the route successful people before have taken. The problem with all the expert is the fact they tell you about the past, not the future!

Justin Bieber success route (YouTube)

Youtube (2008) Known by many now as the golden years

When the successful people made it via the route in question it wasn’t even a path! (They found a door that barely been opened) Let me give you an example: Justin Bieber (Not my taste of music)

He made it on YouTube before most even had a heard of it! He found a route that he wasn’t sure was going to bring him fame there weren’t experts. No one telling him how many videos to post a day, The best time of the day to post, How long to make the video, what he should make a video about or where to share it to get the most exposure…ETC

YouTube (2008-17)

Since Bieber and after a few others made it using the same route. Experts then came out the woodworks, explaining how they learned the secret formula. The quick and easy way to be successful (To be fair it was route… Until they blocked the door) So many experts guided so many people. The route becomes crowded. Everyone trying to squeeze through a tiny door.

YouTube (2017) The change in advertising

Everyone now is standing in a queue to get on the path watching others slowly passing through (which gives them hope and backs up the experts). With the number of people trying to get down the little path, people started to try to make their own route. Trying to jump over the door, push pass each other and nearly destroyed the thing that made it. So the organizers put up rules which to stop the whole collapsing on itself.

During this whole time people large amount join the queue then leave after the route wasn’t as easy as the experts claim to leave their rubbish there. Everyone who does this makes the route a little more shit for everyone else!

The people who left went off to try something else to make them successful guided by another expert though another blocked door.

Another example of the door getting blocked

I won’t go in the same amount of detail. But a lot of people found success using Facebook and network marketing (some doing it positively) … The next you know the whole of Facebook is being spammed with people selling their products. So Facebook counter and charge people the privilege for this!

Now to promote anything on Facebook, your reach has dropped massively!

The second reason is listing to the teaching of Instant success, is a waste of your time ( you only learn how others found a new path, not how to learn how to make your own)In the end destroy the thing that made it great.

You learn most when you fail

I have mentioned this countless time but failure is your biggest teacher! You can learn 10 times the amount from a failed project than a successful one.

Knowing your weakness you know where to grow, If you succeed other people look for your weaknesses, to be the best.

Successful people are not weak and lazy!

Instant Success and Failure

Doing something that brings instant success, would bring a lot of attention. Others copying and learning how you did it. The next thing you know,  you no longer have your success someone else put slightly more work in stole it off you.

The best thing you can do with instant success is fail. Then try again, work harder, fail again.. then continue to learn and growing (Oh wait this isn’t instant success anymore!)

Third Reason you shouldn’t want instant success because the best thing about it is failure!

You don’t Learn you what did you can’t repeat the process

Think about the thing you put out to the world 1st of all. Your 1st ever artwork, Blog post, Youtube… Whatever you did 1st. Now imagine it took off that was the viral success!

How do you repeat the success? You know it worked as a whole, but what bit do you copy and what can you change. You are so stuck! Your mind would freeze and worry if the next project was going to as good. Really what did you have to reference as bad?

You would release something with the hope of the instant success continuing. You would be working on luck!

Fourth Reason: Instant success you makes you a glorified gambler 

Have instant success causes you not to see growth

Back to thinking that you have gone viral, on something simple… After this, you decide you can’t retire as you haven’t made millions (or much money as you last 2 seconds as a viral hit and people have already moved on) You need to keep going and keep growing.

The problem is now your comparing everything to your viral win. nothing is good enough, this lowers your motivation and your actually twice as likely to give up!

Strange as more people wish for stuff to go viral to give them hope, here is the thing you don’t want for a long-term win!

Fifth Reason: Going Viral will make you hate yourself!

Thinking Instant success is possible makes you lazy

When you think going viral is a possible route for what you want to achieve, It will actually make you believe it’s easier than it is. You don’t work as hard. You slack off because you don’t care about growth, it’s all or nothing for you!

You start to hate successful people due to the fact “They got lucky” not the fact they worked extremely hard and risked a lot to be where they are.

You stop caring about your content and learning and you say stuff like success is just a numbers game.

Sixth reason: You give up on working hard!

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