How To Deal With Losing Your Independence After Traveling

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A lot of travelers feel like they are on the top of the world seeing new things and exploring stuff that others wish they could. When the game changes and your back in the country you left for a period of time, you feel like your playing catch up! Your friends and family have new jobs, houses, and even new families. When you come home with your scrapbook of old memories and all you can talk about is the past you seem like a bore.

On top of all this, you have the major problem that affects 99% of travelers, the loose of independence.

In this article, I will be talking about the ways you lose your independence and the ways you can get back on your game as quick as possible.

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Don’t panic the fact you feel like a 16-year-old again!

No Job, No Car, No house, No money, I can go on all the different way you feel like a 16-year-old. But there is no reason to panic! It’s natural for all has-been travelers to feel this way. Before you stress yourself about all the little things there is one big decision you need to make. Are you going to travel again?

This question will help decide whether you’re going to get back out into the world or “start again” in your home country.

If you are still traveling and are already panicing don’t worry you can use your time to give you a better footing when getting home by ready this article How To Use Travel To Get You A Job Back Home but if you’re already at home and feel trapped don’t worry I’ve got you, bro.

Option 1: Traveling again

This is an easy option but might not feel easy. The reason why I say its easy is because you have already done it before. You know how to do it, earn money and save money.

If you have forgotten how to this or need to know a way of doing this with an entry-level job. Give this article a read Want To Travel But You Can’t Save Money – How To Save Money To Travel

With the plan keep in mind the quicker you Save, the faster you go travel.

Option 2: “Start again”

This is probably the reason why you are googling “How to live after traveling, I have to share a house with my younger siblings and smelly nan and now my life sucks” and now you’re reading my article. Don’t worry about it. I am currently in the “starting again” part of traveling myself. So here is all the advice you will need!

The funny thing the advise I will give you will be everything you already know, but its the moral support that you need!

Here is a list of  things you need to keep in your mind

You can always travel again

You might currently not even be thinking about it, but the fact you can never be too old to travel (maybe too old for some working holiday visa’s). Just packing a bag and getting away is always an option!

It’s funny you can forget this because when you get home, and your family is like “when are you getting a real job”

Don’t compare yourself to others

You have been away and it will take time to back on feet. Don’t panic about it, its normal. You might not have the house, the nice car or the job. But you had the Dream holiday and the memories that others will be jealous of.

You have time still

Strangely enough, traveling you seem to have all the time in the world. As soon as your plane lands, it seems like time has run out! This is not the case and don’t forget it! You don’t need to be in a rush to get anywhere, jobs money or life. Chill out.

You’re still independent

You might have to live with family, have no car and really feel trapped. But this is only temporary and you can get over it! you have done it at least once before.

This is the hardest thing about going home. But getting started can be easier than you think. You can get a job in under a week and then you off looking for somewhere to stay.

You have done this loads of times before… Every time you go to a new place when you traveled.

Remember your home friends are not traveling friends

You will forget this, many times! Doing it too many times can destroy friendships. This is some of the things you might have forgotten about your home friends;

  • They will get bored of stories of traveling
  • Don’t expect them to want to come on all your weekend aways and crazy last minute holidays
  • They have their own lives (babies, houses and jobs)
  • You are not as special as you think. ( your friends will see you then everything will go back to normal)
  • They have other hobbies other than travel

My top tips for getting back to normal after travel

  1. Use your experiences from travel to improve your life (jobs you have learned and your new way of life)
  2. Don’t keep talking about things from traveling (doing this is like an inside joke, that no one is part of)
  3. Work out as quickly as possible if your plans are long-term or until you travel again
  4. Don’t get jealous or try to make others jealous
  5. Get a job as quick as possible and work from there
  6. Spend time seeing family and friends!
  7. Enjoy the little things you missed
  8. Keep your costs lows
  9. Don’t buy lots of stuff (because you can). Enjoy living on basics
  10. Enjoy your new life

Thanks for reading

I hope you found the tips helpful for starting your new life in your old country. I love giving advice to other travelers and backpackers. If you want to know more of my tips check out for more of these tips- Travel Hacks And Travelling Tips By The Funny Backpacker

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