Why I hate Tourists

Why I Hate Tourists – Why They Die On Holiday

Why I Hate Tourists

Yes, I know once again I am saying I hate myself! Like the time I mentioned how I hated Travel Bloggers. It’s the other story on how everyone else sucks! But more importantly why I hate Tourists!

I just need to clear up the title of this blog, why they die on holiday doesn’t happen at the hands of me, it might read like that but I can promise you that I haven’t murdered anyone.

Are tourists stupid, ignorant or just F**ktards

Ok, I’m not just ripping into to tourists for no reason. I have two stories that happened since coming out to Australia that seem to happen on a daily bases. If you want to know more stories just google tourist dies in (name the country) and I bet the reason was stupid! In Australia alone there are many different reasons why that tourists die; Animals, Fishing on rocking, swimming drunk and train tracks

Which moves me on to…

Fremantle train tracks

Let’s move on to my story of the train tracks in Fremantle.A little background information about the trains in Australia the love their advertisements of not going on the tracks. This to me and Taylor seems a bit “overkill” but these posters don’t seem to do anything!

Train Tracks sign

This is the poster on the train track that many tourist love to take pictures on.

Fremantle train tracks

How stupid do you need to be! A whole family taking photos on the track. This isn’t the 1st time we have seen this stupidity and it happens nearly on a daily bases! (That we see… Probably more)

Fremantle train track

Here is a little zoom in to this photo look there is that lovely poster saying you will die if you take photos on the tracks! Guess some people want their kids to die!

I’m not the 1st person to write an article on this check out https://thewest.com.au/ for more information on people wanting to die on the train tracks

Phillip Island Penguins

This actually annoys me more than the idiots on the tracks due to the fact they are not putting themselves at risk. Just potentially destroying the wildlife!

If you don’t know where and what Phillip island is famous for, let give you quick run. Apart from it being the place for motorbike racing, It’s known for its penguins and its just outside of Melbourne!

So why do the tourist annoy me, when you watch the penguins come home for the night. You are not allowed to take photos due to the flash scaring the penguins. You can’t take any photo just to stop accidental flash. This rule might seem a little strick for some who just want a picture for Instagram but it’s there for the penguins and you’re in there home so just do it. The national parks Australia even give you free to use pictures on their website  

The place tells you about a million times, on the website, poster and tell you before the penguins come in. They explain the reasons why too. But yet many there decide to ignore this message! So many nearly lost their photos on the day I went there as was getting angry and wanting to rip their phones out there hands and throw them in the sea.  I had a full-blown arrangement with one woman what decide to flash all the penguins.

penguin Phillip Island

Credit: https://www.penguins.org.au/photo-gallery/

Who Should be responsible to keep tourists from doing stupid things?

This one is a hard question! Especially for tourist that go to countries and can’t speak or read the language. How are you meant to tell these people not to be idiots!

It’s hard to have signed up in every language saying what you can and can’t do. But even if everyone knew the rules would they still get followed?

As a tourist, but we should make it our responsibility to be aware of rules and not be a f***ing idiot. look them up before you go and try and care about other cultures and safety.

Don’t be another reason why I hate tourists!

Thanks for reading

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