How To Travel Your Own Country – Why This Should Be Your Next Step

How to travel around your own country

How To Travel Your Own Country

There are many reasons why you should travel your own country, you might just be new to the whole travel idea, you could be back from travel and itching to go again, Or you worked out your country would be as good if not better than any other.

Whatever the reason, this is the article for you. (I help you spend less time thinking about how to travel and more time actually traveling. How good am I?)

The question you should ask yourself is, how do you truly become a tourist in your own country? Luckily for you, the Funny Backpacker is going to cover this subject for you. I will be giving you examples using England as the “home” country but you are smart enough to edit my examples to suit your own needs (well I hope you are).

Most people when traveling nowadays aim is to make friends and family at home jealous. Rather than finding something new and exciting for them. Of course, travelers want to explore new and exciting things, It’s in a travelers nature. But you can do this super easy on a budget in your own country.

Benefits of traveling your own country

Before I explain all the different ways of traveling your own country. Here are all the benefits.

  • No visa needed – Means you can work and travel
  • You know all the rules and regulations – You know where your allowed to camp, hike, or how to be respectful
  • Local knowledge –  See things that travelers would look past
  • Safety of home –  Friends and family could join you or worse case bail you out easily
  • No/ little travel costs – flights and trains to get to your destination will be lower.
  • You know cost-saving Ideas- You already know how to travel on the cheap, best places to shop…etc
  • Don’t worry about giving up –  Get bored go “home”
  • Easy to move on to another country – Want to explore another country, jump on a plane. No commitments
  • Don’t quit work – Or do, really your choice

The ways to travel your own country

Here are my top ways to travel your own country like a tourist. But without the regulations of being a tourist.


The working holiday in your own country

Quit your job, and get little jobs here and there as you travel up and down the country.

Crazy to think, that people are more likely to quit their job and travel the world. rather than, quit their job and travel there own country. If someone explained this idea to me before I traveled around Australia for two years I would have laughed at them, explaining that I’m not a hippy. Why would I leave my job just to see more of this shithole”  would be my actual response.

But now, If it wasn’t for the fact I’m trying to save some money, and Taylor wouldn’t kill me, I probably would be doing this right now.

How to put this idea into action

Camper van, Vans, and Large cars that you could sleep in would be my first idea.  But this has a lot of limitations and costs.

The best idea is to completely unthink the way you are currently programmed to think about your country instead, get in the mind of a tourist.

This would be my idea of doing a Working Holiday in England.

  1. Make your way to (London) the main City/Capital and head to a hostel.
  2. While in the hostel I would look for a bar job there( probably failing this )
  3. Head off ( follow ideas of other backpackers in the hostel)
  4. Look for farm jobs, bar work, temp jobs around the country.
  5. Stick in a job/place for a max of 6 months
  6. Explore each area, with new eyes (probably would be new eyes as I haven’t seen everywhere in England) Looking for key tourist stops
  7. I would look at staying in campsites, hostels, Airbnbs …etc
  8. On this journey avoid places, you know well.

The day tourist at home

Go to the big cities, explore the ancient ruins

What brings people to your country as a tourist? Is it the big cities? Ancient sights? Does your country have a UFO hotspot?

Whatever the answer is, explore it. There will be millions of reasons that tourists come to your country. A quick google search will give you 101 things to do in every city and town in your country. This will keep your weekends busy for years to come.

How to put this idea into action

  1. Work out the place you want to visit
  2. Google it, for this example, I will use Yeovil
  3. Find articles Like 27 things to do in Yeovil, Things to do for a weekend in Yeovil Or Ham Hill – Yeovil’s Underrated Gem For Travelers
  4. Personally, I avoid trip advisor as it seems to have very basic stuff, Local blogs will give better information.
  5. Then search for Hostels, Hotels, and Camping.
  6. Write out a plan for the day. For example, you may start at Ham Hill, move on to the railway center, lunch at the somerset cider and brandy factory. Finished off by a walk around the town then stay at the Halfway Caravan & Camping Park. (P.S I have no clue if this is a good day or if it’s even possible to fit in one day, I put it together for an example)

The home explorer

Hike, walk and cycle around parts of the country

It’s so what people say, “you see more when you slow down“.  Why not go on a path that isn’t next to the road. You have plenty of time, unlike a lot of travelers and tourists. You can spend a couple of nights/weeks in a forest, or on a walk in the middle of nowhere. Hike that mountain or find yourself by getting a little lost.

Make tourists jealous, with your lack of urgency. See more by going slower.

How to put this idea into action

  1. Plan a hike, walk or camping.
  2. Google good places to Hike/Camp/Bike in your country
  3. Example: How about hiking the Pennine way, Camping in Edale.
  4. Plot a route on
  5. Make sure you read up on safety precautions before your trip
  6. Take your time and head off

The practice traveler

See what traveling is like, visit hostels, camp, read blogs about the place.

Never been traveling before, Not sure if “You’re the traveling type”. Don’t stress, test it out.

I did. I went to my first hostel with my friends, I booked out a whole room for my birthday and used that day to get drunk in London. Win, win.

Man In a hostel locker
A London Thameside hostel Locker

How to put this idea into action

  1. find out what you want to try, Think of things like; Hostels, staying away from family, Airbnbs, exploring new areas, getting transport.
  2. Plan a day/week or even a month doing these things. find out these things are not as scary as 1st thought.
  3. Read blogs and articles during this time, for example, Guide To Staying With Others (Airbnb, Hostels, House Shares…)Or Everything You Need To Know About Hostels (Backpackers)
  4. Feel comfortable with it at home, then book your flights and visas

Here is a perfect article for people looking at traveling on a working holiday visa to Australia 

The local expert

Explore your own town/city

Why travel the world, Actually scrap that why travel your country, why not travel around your own town.

See the local coffee shops, go into the pubs you haven’t dared to go in. See where that public footpath will lead. Take out a camera and become a tourist in your own town.

I’ve done this, It was super weird at first.

To write an article about my own town from the eyes of a tourist is quite refreshing.

How to put this idea into action

  1. Step out your front door, pack water, camera, phone keys, and wallet.
  2. just start walking…
  3. Keep walking
  4. And stop when you see something different
  5. Go in there, or turn down there.
  6. Just stay safe and explore.

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