how to start bloggging

How to Travel Blog for Beginners

How to Travel Blog

You want to start blogging about your travels, But you don’t know how. Don’t worry I’m here and i’ll be able to Show some awesome Tips just to get you started.


Start Free!

Don’t pay for a website and worry about hosting, domain names and plug ins… These will give you a headache. Especially if you are trying to travel the world, and all you want to do is get your message out to people and test the waters.

The way of starting a free blog is using

This will give you a good feel in what it is like to actually blog, which moves me on nicely to my next point.

You can find some great resources for your blog here  


Be consistent

You need to know what you are writing about- Is it going to be a diary of your adventure? Tips for other travellers, Reviews on places… This is what you need to decide.  When thinking about it you need to really think will I be able to keep this up while I travel, Will have have enough content to do all time?

You need to decide If you are planning to write this daily, 3 times a week or weekly. Chose a day and time and stick with it. You can schedule posts, if needed.This is a life saver if you are going on a road trip or going away from WiFi for a while.


What should you put into a blog

Here is some minimal guidance for what goes into a blog

  • 300 words
  • one picture
  • a strong title
  • subtitle
  • a link to another one of your blogs or someone else’s
  • good tags (travel related and related to the blog)
  • a category

Travel Blogger

Make Your Mark

Its hard to do things that haven’t been done yet, Especially in the world of travel blogs. This DOESN’T mean copy others, you need to add your own style, humour or intelligent or personality to your blogs. Make it your own, If you don’t people can copy you.

I am the Funny Backpacker! That is my niche… Most people are scared to tell people their niche, due to fact they are worried about people stealing it. I was when I first started! But after a course I went on back in March 2018, I learnt people can’t copy your personality. They can try but they will burn themselves out and not enjoy what they are creating.  This moves me on to the next do things your enjoy…

If you want to find your niche check out this blog 


Enjoy Your Work

If you don’t enjoy, what you do you won’t keep it up. Simple.


Work with others

Don’t be scared to work with others, Beware people will try and copy and rip you off but remember it will not last. If you be you no one else can do that. Saying all this working with others and helping others will improve your work, moral and help focus on your goals. You can collaborate on blogs, ask for advice or share there work on social media. Doesn’t matter if you want to work with someone bigger than you or smaller, make sure they gain out of it too.

Want to know more about working with others here

But if you want to work with me click here


Setting Goals

Make sure you set goals, tell yourself once you have X subs you will move to a paid website, in 6 months you will have … But more importantly have a reason why you are doing all your blogs. When times get hard you can remind your why you are up late at writing. The reason needs to be selfless, money will come later.

How to set goals

It’s Not All Fun And Games

There is going to be struggles on the way. You not going to wake up a millionaire… you will have to work extremely hard, it you want to know more about the struggles to come check out this blog.


Thank you for reading

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