How to Master Vacation Mode (Holiday Mode) +Memes

Master Vacay Mode

How to Be the Master Of Vacation Mode!

Hello and welcome to the best guide on the internet on how to become a black belt in vacation mode. How do I know it’s the best guide on the whole internet (quite possibly the world!), Well simply because no one would be stupid enough to waste there time writing about such a mundane subject. Until me. But it could be worse you could be spending your free time reading this article and that would just be sad.

I don’t feel like I need to give myself an introduction but for you guys who don’t know who to make out the hate mail too, its the Funny Backpacker or my friends and family know me as Sean Brett. Wells that’s enough about me.

What is vacation/holiday mode?

Vacation mode Activated Meme

Vacation mode/ Holiday mode is the art of giving little to no fucks. Just like I am doing with this article. People get vacation mode mixed up with being lazy but this is completely the opposite as vacation mode is more than just doing as little as possible it has more of an art than that.

Before I go into more details about vacation mode/holiday mode, one is said by Americans and the others by the English. As some reason, the world is more on board with American English than English English (don’t get me started on this topic) I will refer to it as vacation mode  (or Vacay mode when being edgy as fuck) for the rest of the article.

So what defines vacation mode?

There are many different things define vacay mode but these are the key points

  • Relaxing (This isn’t just a physical, mental too)
  • Not having fear of anything ( This is how you get away with doing nothing, you’re not bothered as your on vacation or about to be)
  • “Never seeing you again mindset” (wearing and doing things because who cares)
  • The expansion of your comfort zone
  • Truly being yourself (This is key)

How to get into Vacation mode?

For some leaving or planning to leave work will instantly put you in Vacation mode for others a couple of simple things you can do;

  • Turn off phone, emails and other work-related stuff (business)
  • When your feeling unsure, think to yourself, fuck it I’m on holiday
  • Don’t worry about once your holiday stops (live in the Now)

Why people struggle to be in holiday mode?

Many people say they are in Vacay mode but yet, never truly act like it. These are the main reasons why;

  • Too much planning (Really overthinking things can be real work on your mind)
  • Worrying (Worrying about what can happen will ruin the things that are happening)
  • Doing too much( Stop your on Vacation!)

 Master Vacation Mode

Now you know how to get into Vacay Mode, it’s time to become the master of it.

So what can you do when in vacay mode that others don’t think about? 

One thing, become the real you and learn how to not change back.

When in Vacation mode I normally relaxed, I lost my high pitch nervous voice and the awkward breathing. Went from awkward person to outrageous topknot wanker.

Holiday Mode Activated

I’m not saying to wear bikini’s and go to the beach. It might be just wanting to try a new hobby, a new style new or just meeting new people.

Once you try this out and you enjoy, don’t stop doing it when you get home, people may mock but they will get used to it… plus you will notice a lot fewer people mock your new ideas and lifestyle than you will think.

How to go from Holiday mode to Work Mode?

  • If possible always have an extra day off in between work and getting home. This gives you time to get shopping and other bits and adjust to work mode slowly
  • Don’t lose your new found personality, grow and adapt it to work mode.
  • Plan your next holiday and keep expanding your comfort zone

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