My Fail story - How to deal with Failure

How To Deal With Failure? – My Fail Story

How to deal with failure?

Everyone seems to struggle with failure, But how do you deal with failure? This is my story and how every failure has to lead me up learning to make a success from failure! Hopefully, you can learn from my story and learn how to deal with failure.

My Fail story

Is there more to life than work? That is a question I have been asking myself since primary school. Its funny when you ask yourself these sorts of things, Your mind answers them in one of 2 ways;

  • No – end of story.
  • YES- what do we do about it?

Yes, I asked myself this question before I even had a job! Money and travel have been my passions before I can even remember!

My 1st attempts

When I was in year 6 selling sweets to school friends. That was my way out… That failed with getting half the sweets stolen and then getting caught by the duty head, telling not to do It again. I did have enough money for The Sims hot dates though (I made over £20 on sweets alone) But I was unable to try again until I left and moved to the upper school. I tried the same Idea in year 7, This didn’t work as people could buy their own sweets on the way to school. Failed

I kept going until…

These 2 failures lead me to more ideas, one of these Ideas was of selling songs to people via infrared, But the music got sent via Bluetooth within a couple of months and people had a better access to songs than me. FAILED ( This was the 1st time I was technology beat me). Around the same time as this my biggest mentor with business at the time, Also failed on a massive level, going into bankruptcy which drops my hopes for business a lot (I didn’t realize this at the time).

This is where I turned my quest to find out is there more to life than work to a standstill. The funny thing was this was actually my biggest failure! (probably the only failure) Because It was some time before I tried to think of anything again due to two things, first I got myself a job as a paperboy meaning I lost touch of the goal of making money by myself. ( I got comfortable with money).Second  I was scared of failure, up until then failure had brought me nothing apart from starting again.

Crippled by failure

This continued with me, all the way through secondary school. When I turned 16 and I left school to get a full-time job and Build a career. The failure until then and years after had crippled me into submission of something my eleven-year-old self-had the balls to try beat, but 19-year-old self-was full of self-doubt. It’s funny when I look back at it. At 11 I was selling sweets to other school kids (making enough profit to buy sims) but at 19 I was working my arse off at a job that I could never get any serious money in the long run (which all the bills that came with work I could barely afford the new sims)

Ugly teeth

Me at work! I worked as a dental Technician, If you’re wondering

Things started to change

It was years until I actually tried again When I met Taylor (the other half of FSG Travels) who was already working on something but struggling. It was a network marketing company (called Juice Plus). Seeing her trying at this, The ideas kept coming on how to help and how to do it myself. So it wasn’t long before I joint this company.

I had a brilliant idea for it. Instead of selling the products, Sell myself on the products (influence people) I already lost a lot of weight But I could show people the positives of these products, which lead me to do 2 half marathons and a half tough mudder and Start my 1st ever blog. (Destinasean)

5k london 2016

At the time, writing actually scared me. The thought of someone finding my writing and reading it out loud with the wrong grammar and spelling and the missing words. Actually made me feel sick. So this blog was kept rather on the low. (If you are clever enough you may be able to still find this blog online, I’m linking it as its a shit blog)

Did I fail?

I quit the network marketing business due to the fact I had to change myself around the product and not change the product around me! Failed or was it?

My boss at the time knew I was writing this blog and asked me to write his dental blog, Which was my 1st paid blog. The best thing about this blog was the fact, it was rewritten and proofread by my boss and he never laughed at it. This brought my confidence up and with more and more writing, I improved
(My writing isn’t perfect, My grammar is quite bad but don’t miss out as many … now )

FSG Travel version 1

Due to this, and the ongoing battle of wanting to get out of the rat race not having a clue how, I and Taylor decided to leave England, But I thought I would blog about my growth and journey to inspire others (destination Sean. Like my 1st blog, I rarely promoted it due to spelling and grammar and still worried about what people think, As some of the stuff I wrote about was my personal thoughts. Around a year ago,  The idea of turning that blog (which I changed the name to Failure, Success and Goals) into a book came into my head. This was a massive task for me and Taylor, I could have said Nah it won’t sell. No one reads my blog why would they read my book.

This point was correct, Not many read that book at the time… (but that was another failure for another day)

If you want to know how this failure lead to this moment check out this article, (Just an Idea) 


Learning from Failure

I learned a lot from every single fail. The biggest is how to deal with failure. That’s not by giving up on ideas. Your only failure when you give up.

Want to travel the world, start small, fail and go some more… you see the world in the end!


Thanks for reading

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