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How to collaborate with travel bloggers for free

How to collaborate!

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Before you do anything

  • Know what you want
  • Know what they get
  • Know will you help them achieve it
  • How can they help you achieve it
  • Know what the problems are with collaborations

This sounds like the most simplest thing but how many times people actually want to collaborate with someone just wanting … Or not knowing how they will both archive their goals.

How to find collaborations with locals

Apart from going out to the street and asking people if they want to be part of your idea… This is the easiest and quickest way

Look for most recent social media (not most popular). As a travel blogger it is very easy to find local collabs.

For example to find collabs in Fremantle, Perth WA Australia then search for the local town. In this being Fremantle. On YouTube search ‘Fremantle’ and for Instagram search ‘#fremantle’ or ‘#fremantlestory’ these searches with bring you people talking and taking pictures of Fremantle.

A tip is don’t go past 3 weeks because a lot of people would of moved on.

If you have no luck extend your search by searching for the local city in this case is Perth or a near town which would be Cottesloe.

But don’t extend pass a distance that you would not travel too, as this is pointless and you can’t expect them to travel to you!

Then research (which I explain in a bit)

Find a way of contacting them, messager, email or something similar.

How to find collaborations online

This one is easier due to not having many lunations with travel …

More choices come more decisions which inturn more problems.

Online collaborations can also have more limitations to what you can do and you won’t physically meet.

Find them on Google

It not as simple as googling ‘blogger collaboration’ as this search will turn up with big bloggers and their portfolios, trying to collaborate with companies for money. Unless I get this blog ranked on Google and now your reading this … Then hit me up [email protected] (I can dream) or go to why you should collaborate with me.

So instead search for ‘travel blogger’, then depending on what you can offer them and how big you are depends on the size of the blogger you should contact.

If you are just starting out or have a low domain authority (or not even your own domain ) you should be looking on page 4 and Beyond on Google.

Do you research which I will meantion this later.

Once you have found the right size blogger go there about me page and get there email address.

Facebook groups

Look for travel blogging groups or groups for the social media that you want to collaborate on for example ‘small YouTube community’ is great to meet other passionate YouTubers.

When looking for these group be careful not to break any of the rules or become a spammer it does not look good for you or your brand .

One bad thing about this they choose you… You don’t choose them (you can decline still )

Research them

Then contact


Check out the tags




How to research your collaborators

Here is things to look for before working with anyone. You need to check they are in your lead and if working with them will achieve your goal. You also need to see what you can offer them.

  • Have they done collaborations before, how did they go?
  • There following size
  • How connected is their following (likes, shares and messages)
  • Is there following real ( are the messages what real people who write or is it, ‘nice picture’,’lovely”great’ or people putting actual feedback!
  • Check out there domain authority by going to

Contacting the collaborators

Every person you message you want them to feel special but due to the fact it is a time costly task you need a interactive template.

The template should follow the template of this.

Dear …..

I love your …(work)

I am …

My idea …

How this will help them …

What you need from them

What you will do for them

Thank you …

Committing to the job

There is nothing more annoying than someone not committing to there end of the collaboration.

If things don’t go to plan message them let them know.

Nothing more annoying than trying to help someone out then they don’t hold up there end of the bargain. I have wrote a blog about negative about travel blogging. 

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