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Taylor’s thoughts on Australian Hostels


Specifically, Taylor’s thoughts on Australian Hostels! If you never have been to a hostel before and not sure what to expect, read Taylor’s experience to get a little feel on what to expect!

Australian Hostel room

Hostel 4 share dorm room

First Impressions

The first Hostel we stayed at was Bounce, in Surry Hills. Having just come from a lovely little Hotel room the first impressions of Bounce were good. It was large, clean and had a professional set up as soon as you walked in. There was a big noticeboard with various flyers on it and key card only access to the stairs and the lift. They also had spacious and secure bag storage complete with cameras so you could dump your bags there before check-in in the afternoon! ( more information of blogs in Sydney)

They also had events on in the Hostel. Things such as BBQ nights to “pre-drinking” goon followed by a party bus to a certain club. Which I may add Sean took great joy in…

Not all Hostels are born equal…

We stayed in a couple of other Hostels after Bounce. They were definitely not as well kept but then they were much cheaper per night! They were clean enough by outward appearances but they also had cockroaches there rent free. Mostly these Hostels were cleaned by backpackers. One, in particular, was nice and tidy for our first week there, but once the night manager left and got replaced with a new one kitchen cleaning ceased to be a thing and quite frankly, it turned into a shithole. For more information on the struggles of hostels check out this blog.

You’re not going to travel in luxury anyway!

Let’s be honest, at the end of the day you aren’t going to be traveling around Australia staying in 5* hotels. Unless you are white, have dreadlocks and you’re traveling off your parents’ trust fund (Yes I quoted Inbetweeners, bite me).

I recommend you check out where ever you want to stay online or ask on Backpacker Facebook groups. If you plan to stay in one area and work then it is worth finding the best value place for your money. You can also find Hostels to stay in for free in exchange for work. This is your best bet for saving money. Sean has done this twice now with YHA owned hostels.

Thanks for reading!

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