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Hostels In Sydney – Which To Stay At And One’s To Avoid

Hostels In Sydney

I have stayed in 5 Hostels in and around Sydney, these are my own experiences and ratings. They are ordered from worse to best. Below you will find a quick review on Sydney Hostels. I must stress these are my own experiences of the hostel and the may not be the same as yours. 
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5.Cronulla Hostel

Address: 1/42 Kingsway, Cronulla NSW 2230, Australia

Rating: 1star (wouldn’t stay again… unless you paid me around $50 a night)
Cost: $25
Room size: 4 (1 guy sleeping on rags and a druggie)
Positive: Free drugs
Negative: Everyone was on drugs… drugs everywhere… it was a drug den  
Stayed here for 3 nights, was hell. Never staying here Again!
Upon entering the hostel the reception staff didn’t have a clue if I had a bed for the night or not even though I had already booked ahead. I’m sure they didn’t even know who was in their hostel. I went to put stuff in the locker and it had what looked to weed. Sleep was rough as I thought I’d be robbed in my sleep.

4.Sydney Backpackers

Address: 7 Wilmot Street, Sydney,
NSW 2000, Australia

Rating: 2 stars (stay for one night, if I was going out on the piss)
Cost: $28
Room size:12 (we were pissed this night)
Positive: close to the city… close to the pubs
Negative: didn’t give me a pillow and no reception to complain too and they didn’t give a fuck when I complained in the morning
Stayed Here for one night went out on the piss, so it was great for closeness but shit for everything else.
Found the staff reception a  little rude other than that, didn’t see much of the place.

3.The Village Surry Hills

Address: 207 Cleveland St, Surry Hills NSW 2016, Australia

Rating: 3 stars (Stay but bring own cooking pans and tea towels)

Cost: $29
Room size: 4 (had 5 in this room at one point as some guy kept bring a girl to bed)
Positive: free pasta nights were awesome
Negative: nothing to cook with
Stayed around 3 weeks, private rooms are nice but close to the outside area which can get noisy
Shame about the location of rooms and the kitchens, It felt like a safer hostel

2.Secret Garden

Address: 243 Cleveland St, Sydney NSW 2016, Australia

Rating: 3 stars (stay but eat take out)
Cost: $30
Room size: 4 (but one of our rooms barely fit 4 beds in it)
Positive: room on the ground floor was great
Negative: room on the 3 floor sucks arse!
Stayed around 3 weeks. This was close for competition for the best hostel, then the night cleaner went 
Great rooms downstairs, But the kitchens were dirty and impossible to cook in at the end of our stay


Address: 28 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Rating:4 stars (stay, if I had the money)
Cost: $40
Room size: 10(but 2 empty beds)
Positive: chargers in lockers, run really well
Negative: backpackers can’t afford this hostel
Our 1st hostel, great location, and clean Hostel!
It was a very nice hostel a great atmosphere. shame we didn’t know how good this place was.

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