Scared to go home after travelling?

I’m Scared To Go Home After Traveling – How to deal with this!

Being scared to go home after traveling

I know I’m not the only person that gets this feeling, the feeling of failure, incompletion and the fact I will prove all the doubters that they were right if I go home. The funny thing is I know this isn’t the case. I Know I never failed, I completed so much and the doubters were so wrong. This doesn’t stop me being scared to go home after traveling.

It hasn’t taken me weeks if not months to come to terms that this adventure is soon to be over and I need to go home. I have learned how to overcome the fear of going home and I am going to share this with you in this article. This fear has even helped me achieve more when traveling.

Dream Holiday Home Port Coogee

This is not my house, It’s my dream house!

What is the fear?

The fear of the “real world” is the best way of explaining it. The fear of getting a job, getting a house and going on holiday once a year. But this fear isn’t really your fear, the real fear is going back to who you use to be before traveling. You have worked so hard to just go traveling, let alone all the struggles of the travel. All the lessons you have learned have changed you, You respect yourself more now and you better in yourself. The last thing you want to do is go back to the person you use to be!

Why going home brings out this fear

Routine kills dreams, Routine is home. Travel blocked routine, to see more you had to move and change. At home to see more, you have to stay in the same place and work your arse off, save money then travel.

On top of this travel, you had the support of fellow backpackers and travelers, Guiding your path and being your cheerleaders. At Home you have family and friends helping you find a career, Mortgages and “isn’t it time you had a baby?”

But the worst thing is your mind! Now your thinking, am I too old to keep traveling? What am I going to do for money? Should I be thinking about kids?

This doesn’t have to be the case.

Not having a routine at home

Travel doesn’t have to stop at home! Why stop traveling when you get home? Your hometown might be boring to you, but I highly doubt you have seen all of your home countries. Even If you have, since traveling it will feel brand new again.

How to travel to your own country

Pretend you’re on a working holiday visa, be a tourist in your own country. Get a job in a bar, hostel, hotel, farm…etc change it when you get bored! See a different city every month and save money doing it! Doing this you will learn so much about your own country and when you next travel, when you talk about your own country to fellow world traveling you can tell them the best place to go, see and eat at.

If you do this, Technically you never stopped traveling… So there is nothing to worry about.

Finding the right people to guide you

Instead of listing to the same people that doubting your traveling ideas the 1st time. Do the same things you did the 1st time, Ignored them. Find new mentors, this should such an easy job now you have been traveling, Your facebook is probably full of them. When you get home you will see many of the people you meet when traveling still traveling, this itself will motivate you to travel again. When traveling you probably learned the benefits of travel blogs ( *Cough Cough* this one) keep reading them and you them to motivate you! Also, read more travel books and stories. I know one great book Backpacks To Beer Taps By Sean Brett (me)

Reading books and blogs is like having the angel on the other ear battling off the devil (being your friends and family, Sorry guys we do love you)

Do you really want to keep traveling?

This one might seem an extremely weird question to ask and to be fair if you have made it this far down the page reading, I going to say you do. You need to truly answer this, Are you wanting to go traveling again just because your scared of becoming boring or you actually want to travel?

If you Don’t want to travel again, that’s cool too. Just don’t forget why you went traveling in the 1st place. Either way having a “plan” before you get helps.

How having a “plan” before you go home helps.

My plans for when I got home is to Conquer Europe *in a travel sense. I wrote this plan 3 months prior to coming home, As a guide. I have worked on this plan in whilst in the final few months in Australia booking flights in Europe and thinking about jobs and living in England. But not stressing about it!

What you should do to stop worrying about going home

  • Think of it as traveling still
  • Listen to the right people
  • Have a basic plan ( just like you would for travel)

Thanks for reading

I really hope this helps you stop stressing out about going home after traveling. If it did make sure you have a look around the website, Maybe even subscribe? Your call dude only helped get over hours and hours of suffering and pain!

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